Friday, April 10, 2015

Sigh, tightening the belt for spending the rest of the month

April 15

Argggghhhh  Need I say more?

The only good thing about this day it's my DD's birthday too. 

I pay quarterly estimated taxes.  I still support my DD (almost 22) yet I can no longer claim her.  I do claim my 70 yo father who we support and provide for. 

 My DH and I work hard (he has a job, I am self employed, owning a music studio)  I am out of the house an average of 65 hours a week.  Though you'd think this was raking in the dough, I volunteer my time for a lot of special needs students who cannot afford my services.  I love what I do, and am lucky that I can make a living while being supportive to so many. 

Though I am prepared, it's still not a great thought to know between owing even more than the almost 10k in estimated I already paid (1700 fed 200 state) my estimated which is also due on the 15th has  increased.  Plus the State Entity Tax is due.  In total, I need to write checks for $4950 on top of usual monthly expenses. 

Sigh.  Just needed to vent a bit.  

DH sold a camera, and I sold a violin.  We can pay the additional owed. 

I can re-adjust things for the changes in estimated.

No Sunday adventures this month.

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