Friday, April 24, 2015

It's almost time for Farmers Markets and Flea Markets.

I cannot wait!  DH and I enjoy our time at these events (well, me at Farmer's more than he) and I am so excited that City Seed will be resuming outdoor markets in just one more week!

In past seasons we have been able to furnish several rooms in antiques.  We believe in the quality of older products, if it's still around it's made to last!  We also enjoy the hunt, once we set our minds to a certain style we start hunting.  To get the quality of the furniture we buy in new products could be 2, 3 or even 4 times the amount that we pay.

And the hunt has started for our bedroom.   We have started it with this find.  We paid $150 for this beautiful cabinet.  Isn't it beautiful?   It's approximately 85 years old, so not technically an antique....but solid wood, beautiful dimpled glass.  We oiled all the wood, and gently cleaned the glass.  DH also made one repair to a wooden strip that holds in the left hand curved glass side.

We plan on using it for books and some knick knacks we like to have in our bedroom.  The french boudoir clock that DH found last summer looks like it was made to sit on top of it.

Goal is to find similar dresser and chest, maybe even bedside tables.  I already have a mirror that is of the era we want that was in my Great Grandmother's house.  

Do you prefer new or reclaimed furniture?


  1. Sandie - I was going to comment about the CitySeed farmers market but you beat me to it on my blog! LOL
    That cabinet you got is gorgeous! What flea markets do you usually frequent? I absolutely adore old furniture too. One of my favorite pieces was the old streamer trunk my family bought me from a second hand shop in Vermont two Mother's Days ago
    We have gone to United Wrecking Company in Stamford a few times for a "date" out but that's just to browse. The prices there are sky high!
    Happy Hunting!!!

    1. we go all over the state and New England. We are actually checking out a place similiar to UWC in Stamford today, called Urbanminers in Hamden. I will write a post about that later tonight. Tomorrow we are going to a Flea Market in MA and a vintage cook book store also in MA. We like the elephant's trunk, collinsville antiques.

  2. Agree that older furnishings were made to last, compared to what is sold, new today. Most of my furnishings are old, often second hand.


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