Thursday, April 2, 2015

Food Shopping for April (Zaycon referral Link)

Other than getting loss leaders for the rest of the month plus milk and produce we are done shopping for the month.  And it's only April 2nd!

I spent $187.01 at Bj's wholesale.  I paid cash.  I got our Easter Ham (rare visit from DM and DGma, at a young age 95!) for $24.00 by combining a BJ coupon and a manufacturers coupon.

  I purchased Salmon which we had for dinner yesterday, and there is more for at least two more lunches today.

 Enough yogurt for the month (for all of us, we all enjoy yogurt, just different styles)  Almond butter, 10 pounds of baking potatoes, Chia Seeds (making a new pudding this week and will post results), 4 pounds of turkey breast and 1 pound of american cheese.  A dozen large croissants from the bakery(DD will make sandwiches for herself, and I only paid $1.99 after coupon for these, YAY!) A case of water (coupon) Large bag of Skinny pop popcorn and a case of individual bags of Boom Chicka Popcorn (coupon for DH lunch).  24 ounce package of beautiful stuffing mushrooms, Grated Parmesan cheese, 25 pounds of rice (right now in the freezer to kill off any potential dwellers) Breakfast burritos (another request from DD and of course, a coupon!) Ricotta cheese (better price here with coupon than ShopRite) and trail mix for DH lunch.

All in all, I had coupons for everything except the mushrooms, potatoes and almond butter (though that had a clipless coupon deal of $2.00 off)

I shared a case of 40 pounds Zaycon Chicken with a friend $40 reimbursed to me.  No actual out of pocket cost as I had some referral credits and had been credited back for a beef order that I didn't receive the full amount of pounds I had paid for.  If you want to check Zaycon out, I would appreciate you going through my referral link, I get $1.00 towards future purchases if you order!  My Zaycon Referral Link

Big Y this week was two trips, yesterday for the Sale ending and today for the sale starting.  Total spent $55.00 between the two.  6 pounds of Oscar Meyer Bacon $2.66 per pound (B1G2 free), Frozen turkey breast .98 a pound, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Thai light coconut  milk (ouch, $3.55 on sale!  This is for the chai recipe, in the future I might just use almond milk, but wanted to taste the original recipe before I start tweeking)  Large jug of white vinegar (cooking/cleaning), 5 pounds of shredded Mozz, 3 pounds of asparagus, 3 pounds of baby carrots and 1.27 pounds of Broccoli Rabe.

Final stop, DH wanted a treat sandwich (trying to lose weight, so he only requested a sandwich, not a steps, but I am proud!) Broccoli Crowns and Celery.  $10.25   My favorite go to produce market Connecticut Natural Food Mart!

I am going to work hard to make bread and sweets, and only get milk and vege/fruits for the rest of the month.  Since DH is trying so hard to lose weight I won't need to have so many snacky things, which is GREAT!

Total cash so far $252.32          I hope to only spend an additional $100-$150 for the rest of the month.  It really helps that GPA P is in FL for two weeks.  :)

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  1. Good job and not having to go to the grocery store much the rest of April....priceless!
    That will give you plenty of time out in the garden getting things going.


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