Monday, April 27, 2015

Finds at urban miners, collinsville antiques and assorted MA stores

We went to visit Urban miners in Hamden on Saturday after a morning of teaching.  A more realistically priced and less flashy then the similar Wrecking business in Stamford.  Definitely not as a spacious.  There were some very interesting finds in this place.  I was happy with my find of a white donkey planter for a buck! 

Then to Collinsville Antiques.  We go to this warehouse at least every 3 or 4 months.  This time I found my first sitting donkey planter.  Also my first piece of Irish Pottery.  I found the same item online in the US for $16.00 and in UK for 9.99 english pounds.  I paid $10.00 plus tax.  

We collect various items, most of which we use.  I have been on the hunt for a sifter.  This was the first one I found in pristine condition.  I don't think it was ever used.  I intend on using it that's for sure!  I think it's from the '50's or 60's.  Only $5!  Look at the inside, usually they are rusty and have old food stuffs in them.  


DH usually isn't excited about glassware, but this set (one pictured) of 6 pilsner glasses from the '50's really caught his eye.  He kept going back to look at them.  I told him to get them.....they match our kitchen, they made him happy.  $22 for the set.  Not bad.  Two are on display in a built in curio cabinet in our dining room (we have several built in's throughout the house that my grandfather made, love having them for all of our collectibles.) and 4 are washed and ready for beer or ice cream.  

I collect violin figurines (I have a curio cabinet at the studio too).  This was a first, a young girl playing violin cast in brass.  Very heavy.  Most expensive single item we purchased.  $35.00.  It was the way she was made and the choice of material that she was made out of that made me decide to get her.  She looks great on my antique music cabinet along side my gilded violin vase from Palestine (a find from last year in the Berkshires)  The painted glass was found in PA last year.  

My DM (who I don't see much, but I do look out for things she likes) collects handle-less creamers from the early 1900's.  This pair was documented as being from a diner in upstate NY in the 1920's.   We paid $7.00 for the pair.  These and some finds from our last PA trip will round out her Mother's Day gift.  

Last find was the jar on the left for just $4.00.  The jar on the right was from several months ago ($15.00)  I have them in the living room so that I will start sorting them.  I have jars with white/colored/dark and metallic buttons.  I find it a relaxing thing to do, sorting my buttons.  I plan on keeping my favorites...and then selling the rest of them.  

That was it.  Our big spend.....Oh wait...........there is the bookstore post.  Maybe tomorrow.  Everyone sleep well!

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