Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another snow day means I bake!

I had picked up a few pounds of Zucchini at the local produce market Connecticut Natural Food Mart    I tend to get most of my produce here unless one of the supermarkets have a great deal and it looks fresh. Though this was marked down, they were all in excellent condition.  

This means quiche!  One quiche used the last of a carton of egg whites and just two eggs (that's the less yellow one) and the other I put four eggs in as we seem to not be going through eggs as quickly as usual.  This could be as we are 'breakfasting' on the gifted farm eggs.   A squash each, half a chopped onion a splash of vegetable oil, half a cup of the heart smart bisquick mix (almost out, and I plan on creating my own and storing it in a glass container in the fridge from now on) and a quarter of a cup of shredded cheese.  

Beer Bread!  I had been gifted from a family some mixes.  DH just asked me over the phone who put a can of beer in the house fridge?  (LOL, he was wondering who was starting to drink I think).  This mix was so easy, the packaged mix, a can of beer and a few tablespoons melted butter.  I have to say, it smells lovely!

The last Immaculate Brownie Mix.  This easy mix is my husbands favorite, but now that I've learned so much more in my baking studies I know I can recreate this on my own.

Did you have a baking day today?

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