Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Barely shopping this month and what HAVE we been eating

EXcept for shopping the last week in January, then a quick run into BJ's for milk and eggs, I haven't done any shopping this month besides two trips to the produce market.  I have spent less than $217.00!

So, what have we been eating?  I have been using everything I can from our freezers and pantry.

We have had Moroccan Pork Stew, Indian chicken and rice, Pork Roast (purchased a whole loin for 1.99 a pound from Shop-rite) Valentines Day was filet mignon (purchased a whole loin for 8.99 a pound, also from Shop-rite) asparagus, mushrooms and baked potatoes.  I've also made fake baked potato soup (cauliflower) and today I made stew.

This time I cut up one of our locally grass fed chuck steaks.  DH has not been happy with the way the steaks have been cut, so rather than listen to him remind me we aren't buying from this farm again (he loved them the first year..........I honestly cannot figure out why he's not happy) I decided to use it up a different way.

I took the steak out of the freezer last night.  It was still icy this morning at 6 am, which was exactly what I wanted.  So easy to cut up.  As I cut it up into cubes in batches, I browned it in some olive oil.  When all the meat was browned, I added more olive oil then two diced onions.  Some Amore garlic paste too.  Browned it all up, added it to the crock pot.

Then I de-glazed the pan with some red wine and Swanson beef broth.  Added that to the meat and onions in the crock pot. Half of an already opened Amore tomato paste tube (just missing a single Tablespoon).  Worcestershire Sauce and the rest of the beef broth.

These Amore tubes are something I had coupons for and they amazingly were on sale at Big Y a while ago.  They are still within date, but I figured I had better find ways to use them to see if they are worth the extra funds.  Jury is still out on this one.

Two white potatoes (our last) diced up, one sweet potato (also last) diced up.  Three whole carrots peeled and diced.  Of course all peelings of veges kept and added to the freezer stock pot bag.

It smells divine.  I will take a taste of the broth, but DH and I won't be eating it, we are going into Manhattan today!


  1. Oh my! That looks and sounds, as described, absolutely delicious! Stews are always even better the next day! Enjoy your trip to NYC-but bundle up, it's cold out there!

  2. Thanks CTMOM! I tweaked a Pioneer Woman recipe for this one. And we just got home, and it was very cold, and snowing by the end of our adventure.


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