Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Storm Juno 2015 baking/cooking and 1/28 Shop-Rite shopping

An interesting row of stormy weather had me home four days in a row.  An unheard of event, even on vacation I am working on something.  Other than updating calendar/voicemail/business facebook page on storm closures, and then completing February newsletter, I was on my own!

I puttered, something I love doing, walking around the house and putting things in order, taking care of scheduling appointments and cutting our pets medication in doses.

I read through a bunch of old magazines, recycling the one's too old to bring to studio (I think November is a bit too old to share in the waiting room) and packing the rest up to bring to the studio.
I did laundry, I cleaned the bathroom, all the kitchen counters and dining room.

I do love what I do for a living/calling, but man did I enjoy a few days of being a housewife.

Here is what I made this weekend

Rosemary Garlic Kefir Sourdough Bread.  I now plan on half of my Kefir production going into bread making.  I like the way the plain dough tastes, but adding a few tablespoons of a garlic/rosemary herb blend took it over the top!  House smelled great as it baked.  Foccaccia Bread at its finest!

My lighter version of Toll House Cookies (a mini batch).  It made 18 cookies.

1 and 1/8 cups of flour
3/8 cup brown sugar
3/8 cup truvia
1/2 tspn baking soda
1/2 tspn salt
3 egg whites
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup chocolate chips

Broccoli Rabe and Sausage (sausage patties purchased yellow tagged and frozen)  I love greens.  I didn't like the price I paid, (2.99 a pound) but this is part of the price I paid for A) buying off season and B) weather problems out west making all produce even more.   Only one patty was used to season the two pounds of Rabe.  The rest was browned up and refrozen for future meals.

Baked Cod special treat that I have been eating for the last three days.

Sirloin Tips special treat for the DH.  I did taste one forkful.

Zucchini Egg White Quiche, Onion, Ham and Mozzarella Egg White Quiche and Onion, Ham and Cheddar Egg white Quiche.  I used up the last two baggies of diced ham from the freezer and odds and ends of cheese in the meat drawer.

I took a 20.5 lb turkey out of the freezer 11 days ago, putting it into the garage fridge.  It's STILL not defrosted.

I also changed the balance I had left to spend on groceries for the month.  I included the garbage bag purchase in our BJ's trip on Monday, and those are not a grocery purchase.    My balance left to spend on actual groceries is 52.15

Today I went to Shop Rite.  I was hitting myself in the head as I forgot a $5.00 on your next purchase, but since I go to this store almost weekly it will get used way before the expiration.  And surprise surprise, I earned ANOTHER 5.00 off on this trip (from a different company, a welcomed extra)

Today's grocery purchase included 10 yocrunch yogurts ($6.00) for DH, a 16 ounce sour cream, four B and M baked beans, 2 Old El Paso refried beans, 2 Old E Paso salsa, three 24 packs of Poland Spring Water, 4 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (.88 cents each!)  1 Philly cream cheese block and 2 Barilla white fiber spaghetti (after sale and coupon just .22 a pound!) Total spent on foodstuffs $33.23

For household goods I purchased 2 more Purex, a Brawny Paper Towel, Sparkle Paper Towel and Marcal Toilet Paper.  The Purex will go towards my Savings Star spend $25.00 and earn $5.00 back.  Total out of pocket was 21.67 after coupons but then I received the $5.00 on next order from the paper total spent was really 16.67.

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