Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kefir Granules

So, my friend Margaret and I acquired through free cycle (I found it, we discussed, she picked the items up) and we started our adventures with Kefir creation.   The granules are fed milk (either organic, pasteurized or non pasteurized) and left on the counter overnight to propagate.  You then drain, refrigerate the liquid that you caught and re-feed your granules with fresh milk.

Margaret started the granules in two glass jars.     As she had the jars to take care of for a week, she acquired quite a bit of Kefir.  Her first plan was Kefir Gelato and this is the recipe she chose:


When I brought my kefir granules home from her house, my first plan for the kefir was cheese!   The next day I drained and re-fed, then poured my kefir liquid into a coffee filter, tied it up, put it over a bowl and in the fridge.

The next day it was the consistency of very thick greek yogurt.  I loved the texture, it tasted very much like sour cream.  I got Gpa P and DD to taste it with me.  I then added some sugar free blackberry jam and it was DELICIOUS.

I currently have some kefir liquid in a jar in the fridge, and I'm very excited to have some Kefir Sourdough starting on the counter!

I also made DD a smoothie using two tablespoons of Kefir, some greek vanilla yogurt, a banana and a splash of OJ blended with ice.  She gave it the thumbs up.


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