Monday, January 19, 2015

A rare and very frugal pasta dish

We rarely eat pasta in our house (odd for an Italian family, I know).  Since we are eating out of the pantry, and the family is getting tired of Turkey and Ham.  I froze the last of the sliced ham for a casserole in the future (after making and onion and ham eggwhite quiche). and I will also freeze the ham bone for stock.

Back to the pasta.....all items were purchased at Shop Rite

Back at holiday time,  Sorrento Ricotta cheese was on sale for $1.99 a container.  I was lucky enough to get two $1.00 off coupons.  I got two containers for .99 each.   Total 1.98

I always buy Colonna sauce for emergencies when it's on sale for .88 a jar.  I used two jars. Total $1.76

Ronzoni Ziti on special for .88 cents a box.  I used two pounds. Total 1.76

One package of store brand shredded Mozzarella.  $1.47

4 eggs .15 each .60 cents total.

A quarter cup of grated cheese (I'm going to guess) .75 cents.  

Total for two half trays of baked ziti $8.32.  I'm hoping for at least 16 servings.  .52 cents per serving.    

I wrote this before we baked off the two trays and dinner was served. When I got home from work this was what was left of one tray. 

What was left in one tray was enough for me and  my daughter's significant other to have some tonight and perhaps tomorrow.   So I think I was correct in my calculations.  2 servings each male, one for DD and myself.  8 servings per tray.   I am pleased.  

Still one full tray!

Oh, and that quiche I mentioned?   Here is what was left.    I have a hungry household!

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