Friday, December 26, 2014

After Christmas Purchases and FB sale

Christmas was very nice...after I got over the emotional muck-a-luck of missing my Mother In Law.  Wonderful woman.  Spent time at my Mother's, which we don't do very often.  My sister and BIL were there, as well as our daughter and her BF.  Was very nice.

I am very blessed with students who are generous gifters.  I had $85 worth of Target Gift Certificates, which I used today very wisely.   I was at Target by 7:15 a.m.   It was quiet, but festive, with the few shoppers there in good moods (the Starbucks being open didn't hurt).  I headed right to the 'holiday section'.  Was I looking for ornaments or gift wrap?  No way.  I wanted Glad and Ziploc items!  I was prepared, with an envelope of coupons in hand.

There were 4 carriages worth of shoppers by this section, and one wife noticed I was piling gallon ziploc bags into my cart.  Are they on clearance?  They should be I replied, but I haven't checked the actual pricing yet.  Her husband took one and ran to a price checker, and we heard him should $1.49!  That was the price for all of the bags and plastic ware containers!  She put one in her cart and I said, take another one, and here's a coupon for a dollar off two!

I put 10 ziploc gallon bags in my cart, as well as 21 gladware and ziplocware containers.  Here is the pic!  Please notice my Kitty on the stair above the loot.  :)         I have great storage in my basement.

I also purchased two parchement paper rolls (I was out), Method wood cleaner for our dining room table (also out), two Betty Crocker Peppermint Cookie mix (holiday 50% off!) a new loofah for DD, a Tazo Chai Concentrate, and 12 holiday Glade Oil packages in scents that I find light and appealing for the studio.

I had them ring it up in two separate orders (Glad/Ziploc and everything else) due to other savings opportunities.

The ziploc/glad order after sale and coupons was $33.16 including tax.  I used gift cards.  I then submitted my receipt to Savings Star and have already received $7.00 back in rebates.  Total cost (though it was all gift money $26.16 after rebates/coupons)

The rest of the products (parchment/loofah/method/glade/cookies) with a Target deal of being on sale (2.39) buy 3 get one free (got 3 for free) Tazo (got free with coupon) and coupons for all Glade products purchased I paid $37.14 including tax.  I then submitted for a checkout 51 rebate on the Glade (an additional dollar).  Total cost after coupons/rebate was 36.14 and paid for with student gift cards.  $62.30 with no out of my pocket!  And still have gift card money left for another day.

I brought everything home, Had a quick bite to eat, and then hopped back in the car to meet a woman in the Walgreens parking lot for her to purchase some of my Santa's that are food themed.  She paid me $20.00 for three of them.  I was happy they were being gifted to a relative who was opening a food based business, and now I was going to use that money to again purchase things for our household without taking money out of pocket.

DH and Gpa P LOVED the Cook's half shank ham I purchased several weeks ago at $1.49 a pound at Shoprite.  DH was usually a Carando Spiral Ham only type of guy.  He asked me if we could get the same price, and I said I thought the sale was ending this Saturday.  He suggested I go back before then.  After I made the sale, I got back in the car and drove to Shoprite.  They still had some of the hams.   I got a 12.81 lb ham that is dated February 18th for 19.09.  Great way to spend the Santa money.

Back to the house, put the ham in the fridge, grab another cup of coffee and meet my DS at Bj's wholesale parking lot for our birthday adventure.  I had gotten her a gift membership for her birthday gift, plus a spending gift certificate.  We went to get her registration done, to find out they were having a sale on memberships!  She got a 14 month membership for $40....not the $50 that I had purchased it for.  They gave her the balance on a gift card.  So she had more money than she expected to spend!  She enjoyed finding all sorts of new products.  I loved that my birthday gift from her we found there.....the new 'non messy' play sand.  Much cheaper here, with more items then buying at Brookstone or Michaels.  My Mom gave me a snowman miniature kit, that they recommend using the sand with.  (I collect snowmen related items....a great winter collection that I leave out at the studio and house until the thaw happens)

I did not buy any deals at the warehouse store in terms of holiday sale....but I did get bagels/lox/cream cheese as a treat for the weekend, as well as more Skinny Pop, tomatoes, cucumbers, sour cream and a treat of guacamole for me. Michael's prepared eggplant (two 2 pound trays.....might be cheaper to purchase all parts....but I know it tastes like my grandmother's, and it will be a quick meal for the nights it's just me and DD) A huge tub of Snyders pretzels on special for $2.00,  Salami sampler for DH, plus a rechargeable battery charger and batteries.  $108.00 out of checking account.  Plus I got to spend several hours with my sister.

Then DH and I went to the mall (oh my...the insanity) to return the Brookstone pillow I purchased him (I did get a side sleeper one, but it was a hugger side sleeper, not his preference.)  An even swap, and I got to see some decorations.....I wasn't that impressed with the hooplah I had heard about the Frozen Santa display.    I also checked out Lush (DH gifted me the Ocean Salt scrub I absolutely love, as well as a new to me Ice Blue bar soap.  Very nice.  They were having a B1G1 free sale, but it was only on holiday gift sets.  I told him I would rather just use up my gifts, and then replenish these two I absolutely love products when I need to.

All in all, a great day.

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