Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Making use of left overs

Making room by using up leftovers.  Need room for the 80 lbs of Zaycon chicken (another post)

We roasted a chicken this past week, and I also made soup. 

I always prep the vegetables for the soup stock that I create overnight while I'm preparing the roasting chicken.

I froze the left over white meat that I didn't use up in previous meals, which I plan on 
turning into a pot pie!    I had coupons/saving star deals on pie crust, so it was cheaper to buy it then try to make it on my own (not one of my strengths in baking, maybe some day!)  So, left over chicken (already paid for) pie crust (.90 cents after all deals) one jar chicken gravy (.75) frozen vegetables from garden and past deals (free) plus one onion (a nickel maybe?)  A great frugal venture (as long as you get the deals).   Plans change.   Everything except pie crusts went in crock pot today for stew.   

Three dinners out of one chicken.  Not to shabby!

We also had one last ham from our half of a pig that I have written about earlier. 

We had ham, potato salad and broccoli 

Today I made crescent purses with the leftover ham, an onion, dijon mustard, leftover broccoli.  Pulverize it in the food processor.  The crescent rolls were purchased with coupon and savings star deal, so I paid $3.50 for two roll packages.  Not cheap, but a treat.  I have yet to create a pastry product that works well for this one recipe, so it was definitely a special purchase.  8 more lunches created for the cost of those rolls.  .44 cents a meal.  I'm not complaining.  

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