Saturday, November 22, 2014

Free Turkey!

So, I did most shopping at Shop Rite these last 6 weeks.  I made sure to only buy on sale/clearance/with coupons.  I spent EXACTLY 400.00.  The only non perishables I bought in those weeks were discounted sausage (all sorts), eggs (never more than .99 a dozen) yogurts (only on sale and with coupons) milk, lemonade (DH special treat), ricotta cheese and select produce (when Broccoli Rabe is .89 cents a pound I stock up!)  All other items were canned/cleaning/paper good.  

Here is the proof that I got my free turkey.  

But we aren't done.  DH wants a fresh turkey for Thursday.  I have figured that with the Big Y coupon it will be cheaper than purchasing a fresh one at BJ's.    I also plan on getting one more frozen turkey for .59 a pound at Stop N Shop. 

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