Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stocked up on bath supplies at Target

So, we were running low on bath supplies.  We do have a huge amount of soaps (both regular old deodorant soaps, dove and my fancy designer soaps which are gifted to me often as every one knows I love them) But we were OUT of deodorants and liquid bath soap.

I have been watching for a deal, and I am happy with what I did today.  I got 3 old spice shower soaps (large 20 ounce bottles) 4 Olay of Olay bath soaps (large 21 ounce bottles) 1 old spice deodorant and 4 secret outlast deodorants plus 2 very large Pantene shampoos.  I received $15.00 back in gift cards, total spent before my coupons was $55.50.  Since these supplies will last the three of us six months, that's $9.25 spent on bathroom supplies.  But wait, the coupons!  $12.00 also in coupons!   $43.50 or $7.25 per month.

I'm pleased.

I also got 2 bags of Bob's Red Mill steel cut oats.  $2.99 each, $3.00 coupon.  $2.98 for two bags.  Nice!

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