Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SNAP! New way to save at the grocery store. Referral link and other ways to save discussed (no smartphone needed)

I have had good luck with payouts with previously reviewed apps of Savings Star and Ibotta.  I have cashed out several times (totaling over $65.00) without any problems through Paypal.  Cashout on these apps start at $5.00 through paypal or with a few gift card choices.  I have also saved alot with Target Shopping Cart (SC)  You DO NOT NEED A SMART PHONE!  Google Target Shopping Cart. You can print off your scannable to you UPC and laminate it keeping it in your purse.

The jury is still out on Checkout 51, as you cannot cash out until you hit $20.00.  I am at $11.50.  Cash out is only a check they mail to you.  I cannot find a way to refer you, and it looks like you DO NOT NEED A SMART PHONE!

Now Snap (previously I believe SnipSnap) has been acquired by Groupon.  I found this app more interesting than SnipSnap, so I bit. Snap requires a $20.00 minimum for you to cash out, and a check will be mailed to you.  So it will take me a while to accumulate.  I really like that this program has lots of produce.  I have already logged in for a $1.00 back from apples, bananas, green beans and lettuce.   No assigned stores, just take a picture of your receipt showing these items and the money is saved to your account.  You DO NOT NEED A SMART PHONE.  You can do it from a regular computer.  Here is my referral link, I will be compensated if you join through it.

I was also able to 'triple dip' with the bananas on checkout 51 (.25) and the lettuce 20% back from Saving Star.

Saving Star you do NOT NEED A SMART PHONE.  You link it to your rewards cards at local stores.  You can create it online.  You can choose payout (after just 5 dollars) to your bank account, paypal account, gift card (I just found this out, and am THRILLED!) or donate it to a charity. Savings Star was created by Upromise.

I would re-check out these companies.  Things are changing for the better for those of us who do not have smart phones.  *Full disclosure, I own a business, and use my smart phone, tablet and laptop to run this business.  All my family members have smart phones.  We are a tech family, and I use them to the fullest.

Here's to getting money back!

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