Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meals this past week

So far this week we have had turkey chili (used 40 ounces of ground  meat prior to cooking) two cans of kidney beans, a can of refried beans, onions, peppers, two cans of tomatoes and spices.  In one crock pot was all but the beans, in another crock pot all the beans/tomatoes/a third of cooked meat. 

Two quiches, one broccoli onion, one zucchini onion.  Both had a tablespoon of bacon jam in it. Broccoli Rabe. 

I baked a pan of Immaculate Brownies that I got with Ibotta and a .75 cent coupon doubled.  Still pricey, but they were pretty tasty.  

Six pork chops that came from the $1.49 a pound pork loin.

A roasted chicken, with mashed potatoes and broccoli. 

Chicken soup made from the remains of roasted chicken. 

Lunches were from assorted leftovers. 

Today I made fake baked potato soup.  (Cauliflower, half onion, one box vegetable broth, celery, black pepper, one big tablespoon of sour cream, half stick of butter, quarter cup of shredded mozzarella and quarter cup of hormel real bacon bits)  Since most of these items have been in previous planned purchases in past months, the only this month cost was a HUGE and beautiful head of cauliflower for $2.99. 
I also made two bags of Marie Callenders cheese biscuits.  I believe after coupons these cost me a total of .50 cents.  Each bag said it was to make 5 biscuits each.  If you wanted them the size of your head!  I got 21 biscuits.  


  1. Sandie, sounds like a good week in the kitchen! you may want to edit your cauliflower-potatoe soup post to include what I think you wanted to write: only additional cost this month was a huge and beautiful head of cauliflower! : )

    Cauliflower is also on my menu today, as I am making quiches for breakfast this morning. One is bacon/onion/mushroom with sharp NY cheddar, the other is cauliflower (leftovers from earlier this week), red onion, orange cherry tomato, and a mix of Monteray Jack and sharp Cheddar. House smells awesome!

  2. Good Morning Carol! Thanks for that missing word catch. :)
    Today we are using my $15 dollar coupon (earned from their rewards program) at a local nursery to get our pumpkins. I make quiche almost weekly! Enjoy this lovely fall day.


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