Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A busy morning

Laundry, bill paying, money planning, house maintenance (furnace cleaning folks here, and I plan on starting a yearly service contract)  And then some baking.

First I explored a product that had been gifted to my DH from one of my students.  ( I deal with some amazing families.  They even remember Mr. J!)  It was a set of Bacon Jam.  Had never heard of this product, three jars, one Bacon Jam, one Bacon Hot Pepper Jam and one Bacon Black Pepper Honey Jam.  I didn't want to use it as a spread, as I felt it would be a bit unhealthy.  I contemplated the items that had to be used up before they became useless, and came up with this.  One tomato diced, half onion chopped, three whole eggs, last of carton of egg whites, flour, baking soda, black pepper, one tablespoon of bacon jam.  Looks tasty!

 I made a zucchini onion and shredded cheese quiche with vegetables that I had prepped earlier and frozen. Some leftover shredded cheese, baking ingredients and voila! 

I also made my usual banana bread with coconut oil, one egg, quarter cup of sugar, 1.75 cups of flour, baking soda, chocolate chips and shredded coconut. 

As soon as the furnace company is done I need to run to BJ's to replenish alot of things.  Cleaning supplies for studio, personal care supplies for family.  Milk, cheese etc etc.  Staples. 

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