Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shopping this week

Didn't spend much this week.  $15.00 total at Big Y for two turkey breasts.

$38.00 for produce, DH weekly sub treat, sourdough bread and two containers of tuna salad (some marked down) at Connecticut Natural Food Market.  I love this store.

$26.12 at Shop Rite.  Strawberries one pound (.99)  Domino's 4 pound bag of sugar (.88) talk about downsizing, when did a five pound sack of sugar become 4 pounds?  Toilet paper, 3.88, more of DH favorite yogurt 10 for $6.00, vigo yellow rice 10 ounce .77, two Arm and Hammer laundry 1.88 each minus $3.00 coupon , this was exciting.  76 cents for 100 ounces of laundry detergent (plus tax of course)  Pepsodent toothpaste .77 and Arm and Hammer toothpaste 2.49-1.50 coupon .99 paid (unheard of for this toothpaste!)  a yogurt for me $1.00, Wesson gallon vegetable oil 4.99, Bisquick 3.99 then tax.

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