Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shopping this week and cooking

 This week was Shop Rite and Produce Market twice

Shop Rite this week was two 20 packs Marcal toilet paper, two Cascade Platinum pod 18 count pouches, Ten YoCrunch Yogurt (DH's favorite), 80% lean Ground Beef, Turkey Hill IC, Shop rite 18 count eggs, Ricotta cheese, Two 24 ounce bags of premade frozen meatballs, Land O Lakes spreadable butter, 1 liter Listerine, cat food cans (9) and cat food crunch snack (1).  I saved 50% with coupons. The eggs and ice cream were at my price point (.99) The ground beef was $2.49 after coupon, the LOL butter was 1.20 after coupons, the Listerine was .99 after coupon (high value coupon came with sample in mail yesterday) and the toilet paper was 44.4 cents per roll.  Total spent $61.39.

Produce market twice this week.  Since no meat was thawed and hubby really only likes eggs for breakfast on Sunday (and certainly not for lunch) he wanted a sub.   He works hard, and awful hours, so I never begrudge him this treat.  Monday was meatball, no cheese.  We also got broccoli and a 1/4 pound of their tuna salad for DD.  We compared alot of produce prices, and I mentioned to him that at least twice a month I get broccoli rabe and escarole for .66 to .89 cents a pound at Shop Rite.  There were no mark downs out, so that's all we got on Monday.

Today I got him another sub (today was turkey), one cucumber, marked down eggplant 1.73 (.89 a pound) marked down zucchini $3.68 (.79 a pound) a small bag of cherries (very small, and a splurge for DH, $5.33 ouch!) Organic grape tomato pint $2.99.  Total spent $21.53

Lots of meat in freezers, so no need to buy unless we find a GREAT deal on chicken, turkey or ham.

I came home and cooked the rest of my fiddleheads, eating them as soon as they were done.  Just a simple saute in olive oil and garlic.  I then peeled and sliced length wise the eggplant, put in the oven drizzled with olive oil and a bit of kosher salt to roast.  Mixed the ricotta cheese with fresh basil and oregano from the garden.  When eggplant was done I rolled it with half of the ricotta, the rest will be for a quiche later in the week.

I then tackled the starting to look sad balance of a five pound bag of carrots.  I scrubbed them all, and then shredded them with the food processor.  I half filled three gallon freezer bags, and then put them in the freezer.  Plans for carrot muffins and cake in the near future.

Hubby made a delicious barbecued chicken chopped salad last night (modeled after California Kitchen's, but able to feed six people for the cost of one entree there).  Gpa P just finished it.  All of us ate it, and he had it twice.  On Monday he grilled pork chops (we always buy a full pork loin and cut it into roasts and chops ourself) and tonight I think he is grilling three rib eye steaks that I got for $2.00 each after deals.  Plenty of potatoes, rice and veggies in house (both fresh and frozen).  I'm taking sausage out of the freezer for later in the week. I cannot believe tomorrow is Thursday already!

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