Sunday, June 15, 2014

City Seed visit today Edgewood Park New Haven and the Garden

Today to give my DH a break I went to the market with my DD, her Significant other and my sister, who had never been there.    I love City Seed Market!

I spent more than usual.  I got boneless pork chops from Four Mile River Farm   .    We have purchased some beef from them before and was happy (though this is not the local beef from Meriden that I speak about most)this time we wanted to try the pork.  If we are happy we more than likely will be purchasing half of a pig.  I like that they have fresh and prepared (bacon/sausages/ham) products in the planned half purchase.  Price is $5.00 per pound, average is 80 pounds.  All is cryovac packaged and frozen upon delivery.  I will keep you posted.  6 chops were $21.00, very lean and thick. This is not a bargain price, but the fact I know where it was raised, where it was processed and how it was fed is the highlight more and more of our meat purchases.

I purchased a huge bunch of garlic scapes, a small bunch of radishes, two large bunches of swiss chard for $8.00, a loaf of ciabatta from sono bakery for $5, 4 pretzel rolls from G Bakery for $4.00, a large package of locally made beef jerky $8.00 (treat for DH)   Total spent $46.00.  It is Father's Day after all.  My sister purchased strawberries which she shared with us when we returned.

Meal plans this week.  We will have preemio italian sausage this week with peppers/onions/scapes.  Pork Chops with frozen vegetables and rice/potatoes.  Marinated chicken cutlets and swiss chard.  Stew meat created into a tasty stew.  I will make quiche with more of the scapes, salad with greens from the garden.

The Garden is starting to give us more.  I will have swiss chard in the next week to harvest, and the lettuce greens are now ready to start taking leaves.  Chives and other herbs are prolific.  I am sharing some with friends.  Peas are growing nicely, as well as walla walla onions and green beans.  Beans should be harvest ready in 3 or 4 more weeks.

I was gifted from a neighbor today 100's of daffodil bulbs she had pulled out.  She is changing her color scheme, and her change is my reward.  I will wash/separate/plant and share.   I look forward to seeing new color next spring all over our property.

I don't grow tomatoes/cukes/squashes.  I find they are difficult here, my organic ways of gardening are still not enough for the pests that attack these plants.  I also have many local farms, some within walking distance.  I plan on purchasing all of these items from them.

I will post pictures of how the garden has progressed later in the week.

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