Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garden 2014

Please enjoy these photos of my plantings.
The greens and herbs beds.

Apparantly I have a neighbor now, and he enjoyed my entire parsley planting.  

Foreground is lettuces and beans, background is swiss chard, wallawalla onions and more green beans as well as oregano.

Peas, dill, sage, basil, cilantro, fennel, rosemary.  Herbs are used daily. 

Mushrooms were sauted today.  Enough for two small dishes (Gpa P and I enjoyed them right from the pan)

My pop up over the strawberry bed.  I have had a bumper crop this year (with more still coming)  I took this off on Sunday early to harvest, brought the berries in and got reprimanded by a chipmunk who was annoyed I came back so quickly.  He ran back under the house.  I made sure to share any not people worthy ones with him. 

Front flower beds.

Rose at the studio.  Lots or roses and more fennel at the studio. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The cow is in! and a pressure canner contest (affiliate link)

Win a pressure canner!

It’s the perfect summer surprise – a free, 23-quart pressure canner/cooker from Presto, thanks to the fine folks at Mrs. Wages!
Also in this prize kit is a 7-piece canning kit (with an electronic timer) and a Sure Tight(TM) band tool.
All you have to do is enter as many times as you like.  Be sure to pass it on to your friends to earn additional entry points into the contest!

 The deadline for the contest ends in 3 days.  I will get bonus entries if others enter from this link.  Though I don't can, I have a friend who does, and it would be great if I had my own equipment to use once she teaches me (Margaret H!)

So, even with a busy day before recital (and me feeling a bit under the weather due to stress and lack of sleep) I had a mission.  I had to go get a quarter of a cow!   Off I went by myself after a morning of teaching to get 100 lbs of locally raised, grass fed beef.   I had to meet the farmer at a local farm (Geremia's in Wallingford CT) that was a pleasant surprise.  I didn't know this market existed.  I will probably stop by there on Monday or Tuesday to get some of their strawberries.  The farmer uses their freezers to store her processed cows. 

They brought one huge basket to my car and I thought oh that's not so bad, and then they brought another one!  Oh my.   DH will be thrilled as I have his revered heart to make sufrite with.  Four packages of liver (wanted to surprise my mom with this)  Though I didn't want any hamburger (Zaycon is coming!)  I have four BOXES of patties (at least 3 pounds each box) another smaller 2 pound package of patties, 5 one pound packages of ground beef.  Three packages of three short ribs each.  Two soup shanks (I'm in heaven!) 4 or 5 pounds of stew meat (I didn't really count)  Sandwich steaks, Skirt steaks, London broils, NY strips, Delmonico steaks, Tbones, Porterhouse.  DH will be in heaven for a while.  I have to be honest, though it was a lot of money up front, it still wasn't as much as I anticipated.  I expected to be overly anxious about how would I store it all, and it didn't take up as much room as I thought.  I also know I have some friends who want to purchase some from me, so all is good.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Carrot Bread

So, I shredded all those old starting to be past prime carrots a week or two ago and froze them.  Today I came up with a recipe.  This makes one bread, a bit low, a think I needed to add some fat.  Will add a bit of coconut oil to the next one.

I entered all the ingredients I used to the myfitness pal recipe calculator.  I was happy with the results calorie wise.  This will change once I add the oil to the next recipe, but even that will be small.

Mix all dry together, then add wet, bake for 50 minutes or until done at 350.  It tasted good, a bit chewy, again I think the fat will help.  I hope you try it!

Recipe Nutrition Calculator

Serves  people
Generic - 1/2 Cup 2% Milk, 1/4 cup33312370Ico_delete
Flour - Flour, 1.5 Cup68314321931Ico_delete
Domino - Light All Natural Sugar & Stevia Blend - Actual Calories, Not Declared, 6 tsp602400024Ico_delete
Baking soda, 0.5 tsp00006290Ico_delete
Davis - Baking Powder , 0.5 tsp (.6g)00002600Ico_delete
Motts - Apple Sauce Singles, Natural, 1 Container, 111g501300011Ico_delete
Eggs - Whole, raw, 2 large147110131401Ico_delete
Generic - Cinammon, Ground, 3 tsp1860020Ico_delete
Generic - Raw Shredded Carrot, 1 cup (110 g)451001764Ico_delete
Diamond - Chopped Walnuts, 1/8 cup (30g)100210301Ico_delete
Bob's Redmill - Shredded Coconut, 1/8 cup (15g)5025131Ico_delete
Add Ingredient      

Per Serving:14826451445

Sunday, June 15, 2014

City Seed visit today Edgewood Park New Haven and the Garden

Today to give my DH a break I went to the market with my DD, her Significant other and my sister, who had never been there.    I love City Seed Market!

I spent more than usual.  I got boneless pork chops from Four Mile River Farm   .    We have purchased some beef from them before and was happy (though this is not the local beef from Meriden that I speak about most)this time we wanted to try the pork.  If we are happy we more than likely will be purchasing half of a pig.  I like that they have fresh and prepared (bacon/sausages/ham) products in the planned half purchase.  Price is $5.00 per pound, average is 80 pounds.  All is cryovac packaged and frozen upon delivery.  I will keep you posted.  6 chops were $21.00, very lean and thick. This is not a bargain price, but the fact I know where it was raised, where it was processed and how it was fed is the highlight more and more of our meat purchases.

I purchased a huge bunch of garlic scapes, a small bunch of radishes, two large bunches of swiss chard for $8.00, a loaf of ciabatta from sono bakery for $5, 4 pretzel rolls from G Bakery for $4.00, a large package of locally made beef jerky $8.00 (treat for DH)   Total spent $46.00.  It is Father's Day after all.  My sister purchased strawberries which she shared with us when we returned.

Meal plans this week.  We will have preemio italian sausage this week with peppers/onions/scapes.  Pork Chops with frozen vegetables and rice/potatoes.  Marinated chicken cutlets and swiss chard.  Stew meat created into a tasty stew.  I will make quiche with more of the scapes, salad with greens from the garden.

The Garden is starting to give us more.  I will have swiss chard in the next week to harvest, and the lettuce greens are now ready to start taking leaves.  Chives and other herbs are prolific.  I am sharing some with friends.  Peas are growing nicely, as well as walla walla onions and green beans.  Beans should be harvest ready in 3 or 4 more weeks.

I was gifted from a neighbor today 100's of daffodil bulbs she had pulled out.  She is changing her color scheme, and her change is my reward.  I will wash/separate/plant and share.   I look forward to seeing new color next spring all over our property.

I don't grow tomatoes/cukes/squashes.  I find they are difficult here, my organic ways of gardening are still not enough for the pests that attack these plants.  I also have many local farms, some within walking distance.  I plan on purchasing all of these items from them.

I will post pictures of how the garden has progressed later in the week.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shopping this week

Didn't spend much this week.  $15.00 total at Big Y for two turkey breasts.

$38.00 for produce, DH weekly sub treat, sourdough bread and two containers of tuna salad (some marked down) at Connecticut Natural Food Market.  I love this store.

$26.12 at Shop Rite.  Strawberries one pound (.99)  Domino's 4 pound bag of sugar (.88) talk about downsizing, when did a five pound sack of sugar become 4 pounds?  Toilet paper, 3.88, more of DH favorite yogurt 10 for $6.00, vigo yellow rice 10 ounce .77, two Arm and Hammer laundry 1.88 each minus $3.00 coupon , this was exciting.  76 cents for 100 ounces of laundry detergent (plus tax of course)  Pepsodent toothpaste .77 and Arm and Hammer toothpaste 2.49-1.50 coupon .99 paid (unheard of for this toothpaste!)  a yogurt for me $1.00, Wesson gallon vegetable oil 4.99, Bisquick 3.99 then tax.

Meals this Week

Isn't that beautiful?  Fresh swiss chard from the City Seed Farmers Market in Westville.   2 huge bunches.  Yum Yum.  I made this with olive oil and freshly ground nutmeg.  That's it.  I tend to do a lot of the vegetable, casserole, quiche, baking.  Hubby does all proteins and other add ons.  This swiss chard was for whoever wanted it at any meal.  We have such mixed up schedules that we eat what is available for any time of day. 

All proteins unless noted were from the freezer

On Monday we had Perdue chicken cutlets (got a deal, were on sale for 4.99, it had 5 individually marinated and wrapped cutlets and I had a $2.50 coupon. This was in the freezer) with a fresh zucchini/carrot/celery/onion/masala seasoning that hubby created as well as a salad from the fresh greens we got on Sunday from the market.  Yum Yum. 

Tuesday was locally made pork italian sweet sausage with onions and peppers along with the rest of the vegetables from Monday and potatoes.  There was enough for lunches on Wednesday. 

Wednesday I made a quiche with three eggs, last of bisquick heart healthy, leftover tablespoons of cream cheese, turnip greens (City Seed again!  turnips will be another side dish) chives from garden (sauted with the greens) white onion, a few shakes of Parmesan and some water and powdered milk (ran out of milk and cream)  I'm eating a piece as I type, probably could have sauteed the chives a bit longer.  But still tasty!

Strawberries from the garden!   Washed, sliced and waiting in the fridge for whoever grabs them. 

Thursday and Friday we have a small pork butt roast and a turkey breast to cook.  Rice, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots and potatoes will accompany.  Various leftovers for the weekend.  

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Adventure Day

Today was a productive, though not so adventurous adventure day.  We checked out the North Haven Flea/Farmers Market.  I went with an open mind, they just started this venture on Memorial Day weekend.  A combination of true Flea Market (aka junk in mho), home based businesses, a few food vendors.  One farmer selling flowering and vegetable plants.  I will attend again, as I know it takes time to build a vendors list.  I will not give them a negative review at this time.  Just a buck to get in.  We did buy a few cheap items for the prize case at the studio.  2 dollars to get in and $14 spent.  total $16.00 cash.

Then to the City Seed Edgewood Park farmers market. City Seed Farmers Markets New Haven  Disappointed to find that Mike Seery doesn't have his satellite luthier shop directly across the street, it was a more convenient drop off for me and some of my students.  Not a big deal, now it's field trip to his mansion in Bristol.  Always a fun excursion!    Seery Strings

I always treat myself to a Basque cake from SoNo bakery once a month when we visit this farmers market.  Not a cheap item, either cash or calorie wise.  But a special treat.  Only once a month.  DH got a Raspberry Danish.  Total spent with them almost $8.00.  I have their cookbook, but I've learned that I'm not a good enough baker for complicated recipes.     Two pretzel rolls from a german bakery $2.00.  I'm going to look into baking these.  Then two large bunches of Swiss Chard ($6.00) a big bag of spring mix ($2.00) and a big bunch of white salad turnips, which I will also braise the greens for another side dish ($3.00)  $11.00.  Total for the entire trip $21.00.  cash

Walmart next.  Cat food, a car charger for Gpa P's cell phone, a birthday card (they now have a line that is just .47 cents!)   Total spent, $29.00 cash

Then home depot.  DH has been doing an ongoing landscaping/root removal project.  He's been trying to make due with what we have (though he did spend $90-10 coupon last month on a tiller attachment for his heavy duty brush wacker) he decided  he needed a mallet/digger combination.  He also plans on re-asphalting the driveway later in the month when Gpa P is away visiting friends at Martha's Vineyard.  So, we started pricing and investigating the amount of time we will need.  He got the crack filler and patch filler now, to get that done a week or two before the actual covering the entire drive event.  Also new work gloves.  Total spent $66.00 with another $50 needed for the final cover and squeegee.  Used a debit card.

Then Bj's warehouse.  Water (they made the size of a case smaller and upped the price, gotta start making changes) DH's favorite peanut butter pretzels, DD coffee and a Time magazine special issue on Ronald Reagan for BIL birthday present.  DH likes the Fresh Express  Iceburg mix, still a good price of $2.99 for a very large bag.  A large package of tomatoes for $4.99.  Another $65.00 also debit card.