Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Brimfield, Meals and Produce Market

Well, our year long anticipated trip to Brimfield (this time going up after work on Saturday (leaving at 2 p.m.) and staying overnight to go to the sale both Saturday afternoon and Sunday was a bust.  The pouring rains the first few days made the dealers grumpy.  A lot of them were packing up on Saturday.  I was so disappointed.  DH did get me a cute Eeyore print for $12.00 (I love donkeys) and I found some vintage rag magazines from the 30's-50's for him for $20.00.  That was it.  We decided upon wake up to just follow the road and ended up in New Hampshire.  We had lunch at a roadside stand and ice cream parlor.  Since this trip was an instrument scouting trip I felt justified in having Studio pay for it.  Unfortunately, we came back empty handed.

Grandpa P is back from his Florida Keys trip, and his being gone for almost 12 days did prove that he is a huge chunk of our food budget.  We made two chicken breasts, six turkey burgers and 3 steaks (the last of our locally raised grass fed beef) last for the three of us for the entire time.  We got Chinese take out once.  I spent $19.00 on groceries (not counting take out) the entire 12 days.

Today I spent $32.00 at the produce market.  Baby carrots, mushrooms, reduced swiss chard (two bunches, just one leaf not usable) for .79 cents!   Wish I could find that more often.  Tomatoes, celery, broccoli, iceburg lettuce.  Two salad dressings in hard to find flavors around here and a treat sub for the hubby.

On way home from the studio I stopped to get cat food (6.40), french fries (Savingstar!) healthy choice frozen yogurt (treat) and brown rice.  Total spent $19.32.

Today we finished as a family the leftover chicken breast and the steak.  Huge salad was finished by me this evening.  I also made swiss chard/pink beans/garlic/homemade turkey broth from freezer.  I also threw in rest of a jar of roasted red peppers.  There is probably one serving of that left.

Tomorrow I will make Moroccan chicken stew (with more frozen turkey broth, leftover frozen previously chicken breast diced, leftover chinese takeout rice, assorted chopped veggies)  Chicken sausage also taken out as DH won't eat this stew.

We also have four more chicken breasts and two sandwich steaks from the freezer defrosting.

That's the week!  How is your meal plan going?

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