Monday, April 21, 2014

This week's meat choices (from the freezer!) and menu planning. Zaycon plug too!

Please note this post does contain a referral link.  Thank you. 

One pound of 16/20 count shrimp.  DH made it with a bag of frozen oriental vegetables and rice, seasoned with srirachi.

I have taken out the last two packages of boneless breasts from our Zaycon purchase (will definitely be doing a forty pound box for my family alone next time they come in our area)  This will be for 4 dinner servings and hopefully 3 or 4 more lunch servings.

I can get referral points if you click on the referral points link, register and purchase at Zaycon yourself. Referal points mean some day I can get FREE FOOD.   Zaycon Foods, How Smart Families Buy Big and Save Big.  They do truckload sales around the country, you preorder/prepay and be at the designated drop off point.  Check them out at Zaycon Foods.

Two packages of Pork Premio Italian Sausages (purchased at Shop Rite on markdown for $2.29 a package).  This is my families favorite brand. 4 dinner servings and 2 lunch servings.  Peppers and Onions.

Target .98 a pound turkey breast.  4 dinner servings, 2 lunch servings and then soup stock!  Marked down stuffing mushrooms.  Frozen corn.

That stock will become a vegetable soup that will be dinner and lunch for Gpa P and DD and myself on another day.

Ground Beef (large over 2 lb package) will be burgers one night, with the balance saved.

Ground Pork added to the balance of the ground beef and made into meatballs to go along with pasta and jarred sauce.

All will be rounded out with fresh or frozen veggies and I will make bread on Wednesday.  Herbed and banana.

I went to the produce market and purchased three pounds of bananas for .90 cents (just starting to get spots.  Eating and Bread making)  Two pounds of stuffing mushrooms marked down to 1.49 a pound.  Bagged green/red peppers three pounds for 2.59.  Two cucumbers at .69 each (got .25 back with checkout 51 already) and a pound of baby carrots 1.99 (not a great price, but the only way DH will eat carrots in his lunch) do have to get a few vegetables to round out the week, but I think that i WILL make my food budget goal this month!

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