Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shoprite Shopping

This weeks flyer did not have ANY shoprite deal coupons.  I assume it's due to it being the week of Passover starting and Easter.

I did still manage to get some deals using manufacturer's coupons.

Hellmann's Light Mayo was on sale for $2.99 and I had a coupon.  $1.99 spent.

4 cans of Green Giant Green Beans, 4 cans of Green Giant Corn, 4 cans of Green Giant Creamed Corn.  Total per can .69, total spent 8.28   No coupons.

Broccoli Rabe on sale .99 a pound.  UNHEARD OF PRICE!   Usually 2.99 a pound, I get excited for 1.99 a pound.  I purchased 2.37 pounds.  $2.36 spent.

Escarole on sale .89 a pound.  LOWEST PRICE I HAVE EVER PAID.  I paid .91 cents for a bit over a pound.

YoPlait Yocrunch yogurts 10 for $6.00

4 Bagels and  2 Donuts (treat for DH and DD) $4.14

Cream cheese, block and whipped, Sour cream, 4 minute maid lemonades, 1/2 gallon milk   No coupons but some on sale.

Frozen Birdseye veggies (recipe ready and chef steamfresh) on sale and with coupons.

Two frozen bags of meatballs on sale for 2.49 a bag with $1.00 coupon.  Total spent $3.00 for these meatballs.

Total spent 43.15

I think I might actually stay under $500.00 this month.  I really think I will.  That is so exciting.

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