Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quick Big Y Trip, and plans for the crockpot tomorrow

Today was a busy day at the studio, had fun planning April Fools lessons (piano students got a bowed instrument lesson, piano students got trombone lessons), with siblings who come on different days disappointed that it only happens on April Fools Day.  Told them all it will happen to you someday too!

Stopped at Big Y on the way home, just to pick up the loss leader butters (1.98 a pound limited to 3), Two Fiora Paper towels 8 pk (2.99-1.00 coupon each) and cat food.  

Came home and browned 4 vegetarian grillers patties as well as 4 black bean patties (pulled from the freezer)    Chopped an onion, a few carrots and celery.  Ready to go into the crockpot in the morning with some Morrocon Spiced Stew slow cooker sauce, one carton of organic low sodium chicken broth, some left over brown rice, rinsed can of Chick peas and voila!  Dinner. 

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