Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meal plans for April 28 - May 3

Monday the family (DH, Gpa and DD) had Saugy hotdogs from RI, BM Baked beans, cole slaw (hubby bought at grocery store on his own) and tossed salad.  I had $2.99 bag of Tiliapia bought earlier during Lent.  Along with some organic butternut squash gotten at Whole Foods with a gift certificate (I spent a whole $1.49 there out of pocket for a bottle of water, as I was thirsty!) I also got mushrooms, spring mix and one cucumber.  Total 11.49.  I know, bizarre huh? Put the word organic in there and everything is more.  But the cucumber did taste different, and fresher.

Tuesday pork chops from the freezer, frozen mixed veggies.

Wednesday Taco Night.  Ground Beef, Iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cheese.  Will also probably cook chicken wings for DH lunch (have to figure out how to do that)

Thursday Premio Chicken Sausage from the freezer with onions and peppers (also from freezer and cost .25 when purchased)

Friday Chicken breasts marinated with frozen veggies and roasted potatoes.

Saturday unsure.......

Lunches are assorted leftovers and odds/ends from fridge.  No lunch out.

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