Friday, April 25, 2014

Big Y .88 a lb roasting chickens, be aware

Today I went to Big Y in North Haven to purchase roasting chickens advertised on the front page of their current flyer for .88 a pound.  They had a sign posted between Big Y Roasters and Big Y chickens.  Both sides of the sign said .88 a pound.  All the chickens were marked 1.39 a pound.  Since the ad stated Roasting Chickens, and all the chickens were the same price I chose two Big Y Roasters.

They rang up 1.39 a pound.

Head cashier came over, said they were for the smaller ones.  I explained that the sign was on both sides of each pile of chickens and these were marked Roasters.  She still insisted was for the smaller ones.  Said she would go back and get me the right ones.  I asked for the biggest she could find.   She returned and let me know that the sign was on only one side for .88 cents a pound (I am an educated person and I did have my glasses on, and I know what was there when I was there.  Besides this....these....

rang up 1.39 a pound as well......

Now she's tried to tell me they were for the smaller chickens in a different area (marked fowl, not chicken) but she would give me these for the .88 a pound.    She would be notifying the meat department manager of the sign problem.

I plan on going back again before this sale is over to see which chickens are the REAL .88 DEAL.

I really wanted the oversized roasters, and never would have bought the small soup chickens (fowl).  Not for .88 a pound.  Maybe .38 cents a pound.

Let me know what chickens in your store were .88 a pound please!

UPDATE:  I went back to the same store this evening (same day) as I forgot cat food.  Now all of the .88 cents a pound chicken signs are gone (empty metal stands) and the chickens that are there are the same that were there earlier, 1.39 a pound.  No other chicken that is on the front page of the flier could be found.  There should be whole roasting chickens, thighs, drumsticks or combo packs for .88 a lb.  Frustrating. 


  1. Sandie

    here's some helpful information:

  2. Thank you Carol. I was aware of this law (and I love now having all the details of it, thanks for sharing) The head cashiers argument was repeating over and over that both the chickens available (though marked by the appropriate sign) were NOT The chickens on sale, so she was at least giving me the price I was expecting. Obviously someone has made a mistake at this store, since now the sign is completely gone.


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