Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tuesday Grocery Shopping

Shoprite today, before coupons 64.94, I paid 33.62.  I got 3 pounds of Lamberti chicken sausage (Italian style) on managers special as it was dated tomorrow for $7.32.  There is the sausage to go with yesterday’s peppers!  Escarole that looked great for 50 cents a pound.  That is currently in the crockpot with some lentils, onions, small white beans and some leftover beef broth.  This 8 quart soup cost me under $2.00 to make.  Nice!  Eggs for .99 cents, 3 pounds of onions .99, pound of strawberries for .99 and 10 of DH yocrunch yogurts on sale 10 for $5.00 minus a dollar coupon. 

Next stop Big Y.  Only planned on getting sugar free pancake syrup (2.00) Buy 1 get 2 free 10 oz mushrooms (2.69) and 5 more DD favorite muller yogurt (5.00-2.00=3)  But always on the lookout, I saw beef short ribs (something we have never had) marked down with each package marked with a $2.00 coupon.  Total spent 35.71 and will get 50 cents back from checkout 51 for the yogurt. 

Final stop of the day, Stop and Shop.  I spent a total of $25.30.  I got a 50 ounce Wisk for $1.49 after SS coupon and Manufacturer coupon.  A splurge was a 2 serving frozen package of Bumble Bee shrimp (7.99 minus 1.00 coupon plus 4x the gas points for this item) Cabbage at .19 a pound (1.00 spent and will get 20% back from savingstar) Four cans of green giant corn at .50 a can (DH will only eat this brand of canned corn) Two 20 ounce packages of Shady Brook Farm 93% ground turkey at $4.99 each and a 3 pound package of Halo tangerines on sale with a dollar coupon AND I will get 75 cents from Ibotta.    As I typed this out, I got the notice that the 75 cents was already in my Ibotta account.  I LOVE saving money.  The goal for all of these Ibotta/SavingsStar/Checkout 51 is to someday have enough in my account to do my entire month of grocery shopping.  Wouldn't that be fantastic?

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