Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Activities

I have really been enjoying blogging, and reading ctonabudget and ctbargainmom on blogspot.  Thank you ladies, you are an inspiration!

I have been fighting a migraine all day, I think it's residual from the drama at the studio this week.  The medication I take for it does knock out the pain, but I usually feel 'out of it' and the headache peeks, meaning it let's me know that it could come back any time.  The med also makes me feel even colder than normal, I think it does something to the blood vessels.

I've done three loads of laundry and put it all away.

Today (and most Sunday's) I go with my husband to his warehouse so he can scan and send to the main warehouse his drivers paperwork from the Saturday deliveries.

Before we left I cooked up 6 oz of butterball low sodium turkey bacon (paid 7 cents after sale/coupon shoprite!), a package of premio chicken breakfast sausage (purchased on sale AND with an 'almost at sell by date" $2.00 coupon.  I think I paid 1.90 for that.  I also cooked a 10 oz box of jones turkey sausage links (free after sale/coupon also shoprite!)  The purpose of this 'meatathon' was to feed DH and Grandpa and myself as well as to taste test.  All three of us agreed the premio was the best.  The balance of the meats will be eaten throughout the week.  Well, hopefully for at least 2 more meals for 3 or 4 people.  I know that's a stretch (Grandpa forgets that he's eaten sometimes, and eats again)  but hopefully.   I also made two eggs for DH and myself.

We then went to the warehouse, then to Walgreens (everything there was on sale, and we earned 3000 balance reward points too)  Total spent $13.00.   $7.00 was a cream for his cracked hands that got very good ratings, the rest was candy.....more on that below.

As today is the Academy Awards, my DH as preoccupied with TV all day.  This is his Super Bowl.  It makes me smile that he gets so excited, computer on, comparing previous winners, we discuss movies, actors/actresses.  I have learned to appreciate his enthusiasm.  I myself can't sit still long enough to go to the movies very often, and I can only name two movies that have really excited me/moved me.  But he loves this day of television, and I try to make it the day of ritual that he has already made it years before I was a part of his world.

Which means, in a nutshell, he eats junk.  Chinese food (only spent $10.00, he got a combo meal, I had a treat of wonton soup)

I also made 'fake baked potato soup' which is really cauliflower, onions, shallots, chives, leeks, celery, 2 tbspn of butter, black pepper, one box of chicken stock (no homemade stock left right now) 1/4 cup of bacon bits (hormel large bag from bj's warehouse) and 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese shredded.

I took stock of what meat we have left in the freezer.  Not much.  I did take out a turkey breast (last one) to defrost, and I picked up a large package of ground beef from T&J Market in East Haven.  We are just starting to know this store, and I feel they have good prices without needing a shopping card.  Also picked up more 'junk food' for my husbands day.  He wanted Fritos (we only buy these once a year) with cream cheese.

I made shopping lists for Shoprite (will spend 30 dollars) and Big Y (will spend less than 20)  I will have coupons for every item at  Shoprite (also use checkout 51 for carrots/orange juice/milk and 20% off of green peppers and 9.99 for 20 lbs of  goya rice towards 5 off of goya through savings star)         Big Y is just 15 cans of goya beans, on sale for 69 cents a can....this will finish my $20.00 purchase to get $5 from savings star.

No great deals at CVS or stop and shop for my needs so i won't go there this week.

I tweaked the studio newsletter and chose some music for the summer intensive.

I'm really trying not to fret too much about the changes at the studio.  I have three great coteachers still (the one who quit was only with us since October, and only 4 hours a week)  I just feel for the 8 students who have had three different teachers for this particular instrument in a year.  I have made the decision that we just can't seem to depend on the type of person that teaches this instrument, so we won't offer it anymore.  It also frustrates me that two of these three previous teachers didn't honor the contract agreement they signed or really cared about these children.

Expenses have risen, but income has changed.  I have decided too, that I will offer 3 more hours of my life to potential students.  That will almost clear the gap (if I have takers, they will be late offerings)    I also added some morning group classes.

Oh boy, this was supposed to be about all my Sunday activity, and I got off on a work tangent.  Sorry to my readers.  Tell me what you do on a Sunday!

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