Sunday, March 30, 2014

Starbucks deal at Target today

I admit, this is a weakness.  I am still blessed that I can (with DH insistence) to treat myself to rich flavorful coffee.  I drink it black, so no fancy froo froo (and over 4 bucks) coffees.  I get gifted very generously at holiday time from students, and make it last.  I also treat my co teacher on Saturday as we start so early (730 a.m.).  Normally I get hers for free at least twice a month as I'm a gold status member of starbucks.  I know, not the greatest achievement, but one that those who know me well tease me about.

I have been trying to cut back now that the giftcards have run out, so have been making my own coffee at home, in all different ways.  Coffee to me is wine, I know good from bad, and good from great.  I try to make a case of K cups last 1.5 to 2 months (BJ's Starbucks 36.99 for 48 cups) equals .77 a cup.  Sometimes there is a $5.00 off coupon which is a score, bringing it down to .66.  But today, I had an amazing score.

At Target, buy 3 sixteen count boxes of Starbucks K cups (equals same as a case) for $36.00.  Then I had total of $5.50 coupons off.  Down to 30.50, then a 5.00 gift card back!  $25.50 for the equivalent of a case from a warehouse store.  That is .53 cents a cup.  Woohoo.

It was not limited, so I did the max I had coupons for.  I have a total that equals THREE CASES.  That's almost 5 months worth of K cup coffee consumption.    We still use ground (fresh from beans at home) for Sunday french press.  My father still makes a pot of drip every morning as well.  When we have house guests we have an electric perk that we set up the night before for them to plug in when they are ready for their own coffee.

If I can find more coupons before the week is out you can bet your bottom dollar that I will get more!

How did you save money today?

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