Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chili on a dime (or maybe a $12)

Chili is always a favorite in our house.  I made two crock pots of chili, One (the round) with beans, and the other (oval) without.

It served 4 meals so far (7  servings DH 2, Gpa 3, DD and myself 1) and I anticipate the same today (7 servings DH 2, Gpa 3, DD and myself 1)  Maybe 1 or two servings left after that, but I doubt it.  So, let's say 14 servings.  $1.34 a serving for 14 servings.  That's ok I guess.

I used 2 lbs of ground beef, 80%, store bought, but not what I consider a sale price at 3.99 per pound.  $8.12 spent.  3 Cans of Goya beans 2.10.  3 Onions (from stockpile purchased in February) Leftovers of a large jug of salsa (stockpile from late January/February), 2 Rotel Cans (purchased for pennies in November), 3 Cans of Tuttoroso Tomatoes from the January Can Can Sale (1.50) and two packets of Ortega low sodium chili seasoning (1.00)

I also made a cornbread with a free Jiffy mix (received the Savings from Savingstar just this morning) and the leftovers from a can of corn I found in the fridge.  One egg, 1/3 cup of milk.  So we will say that it cost me 25 cents (I usually get my eggs free or close to free)

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