Sunday, February 23, 2014

Today's errands and disappointment in Verizon Wireless

Normally I do not do errands on a Sunday, it's family day, and we plan what my close friends call S and J's Sunday adventure.  We haven't had many the last 6 weeks, weather, health and trying to control all spending have kept us home.  Today what might have been an adventure day (there was a magic auction in Beverly MA we were thinking of going to observe) J  (DH) got called into work.  Lots of drama there, started at midnight, but I am still glad I didn't wake him when I heard his work phone ringing.

So, today I decided to go do the bulk of the planned shopping/errands so that we could spend more time together tomorrow before lessons begin (which will really mean us going to the accountants and talking in the car) but I will have less 'to do's' on my brain.

Thanks to CTBargainMom reminding me of the .78 cent chickens.  I got up when DH left at 730 a.m., stopped at Starbucks (my usual and fancy Macchiato treat for one indulgence)  Then to Big Y, where I got 3 chickens, cat food, 5 yogurts for DH lunchbox, bottle of Scope  and 2 dozen eggs.   Have a pp rebate for the Scope.

Then to Stop and Shop, a bit more here, one box Jiffy mix cornbread.99 five pound bag potatoes, bananas,  2 cauliflower, 1 stop and shop butter, 1 eggo waffles, 5 oranges, 3 cases of water.  50 cents back from checkout 52 from bananas and the jiffy mix will be free from Savingstar.

Then laundry, paid bills, did some exercise, put first load of laundry away and general up, putting things away, got the rest of the tax info ready to bring tomorrow.

And now.  Verizon.  I have been a 19 plus year customer, from their Bell Atlantic days.  My one year 22 day old iphone 4s stopped picking up wifi and bluetooth a few days ago. The toggle buttons weren't even visible.  It also started going to airplane mode on it's own.  I did the last OS update months ago, so I didn't feel this was the issue.  I hadn't dropped it.   I chatted with Verizon, did everything they advised (including a full factory reset) Nothing but alot of inconvenience.  Had an appointment with Apple, where they wanted 199.00 to take the phone and have it worked on (I cannot be without a phone, and I don't feel 22 days past warranty I should have to pay anything)  Tried to do more chat with verizon, never an agent available.  Couldn't find an email option.  Couldn't get through on phone (unusual wait times was on hold over 40 minutes twice) So DH and I went to Verizon Corporate Store.  Waited there 40 minutes to be told, so sorry can't help you, pay for a new phone (over 600) or switch to edge plan and pay 37 a month for a new phone.  Are you kidding me?  Didn't care how long I'd been a customer, that was my option.  When I said we could switch over to ATT, the sales girl SHRUGGED HER SHOULDERS and walked away)

So, we went to ATT wireless.  Start to finish we were there almost 3 hours (and I was on hold with Verizon until my phone battery actually died).  I didn't want to leave Verizon, I wanted them to help me.  Long story short, we are now ATT Wireless customers.  I was very disappointed in switching as until this point I was happy with Verizon.  Hope they send me a final paper bill, as now I cannot log in to pay them.  Oopsie.  I should have done that while waiting in the ATT store (where they kindly let me charge the now dead non wifi/bluetooth working old Iphone.

Here is to hoping that ATT will be better with their customer service.  


  1. What's checkout 52?
    Carol in CT

  2. Hi there! It's actually Checkout 51, I keep wanting it to be 52 as there are as many weeks in the year (and we do shop 52 weeks a year don't we?) You can register with your facebook login, or email. It's also an iphone/android app. What's great about this program is that you can shop anywhere as long as your receipt shows the product that you bought. They also offer rebates on items that you list. To claim your rebate (I just did one last night for blueberries) you take a photo of your receipt through the app, then claim the rebate that you want. They are very quick, I usually get the approval/denial within hours. Denial have been rectified with me retaking the photo of the receipt. I again mainly use these if the item is free after sale/coupon/app or on dairy or produce. Here is a non referral link.


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