Monday, February 3, 2014

Over Night Ham Stock and tomorrow frugal soup creation

You might have read in a previous post that we purchased a Smithfield Spiral Cut Ham at BJ's for .99 a lb.  I actually want to go back and see if they have anymore this week, and might get a chance to do so tomorrow.  It is a fantastic price for this brand of ham, and an amazing price for a spiral cut.

We had at least 10 servings off the ham itself, then I cut alot off and froze it in ziploc bags (and still have one bag of cubes left)  I also saved the ham bone.  This is the beginning of tomorrow's soup creation.

First, I cut MORE meat off of the bone, enough to fill a glass bowl.

Then I added a ziploc bag of vegetable peelings, onion skins, leek ends, carrot and celery ends, put the ham bone in,  filled it with water, covered and turned on high.  I will let it go all night. 

Now I have to decide if it will be lentil, mixed bean or sweet potato and ham soup.  

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