Sunday, July 30, 2017

City Seed Edgewood Market 7/30/17

Beautiful produce from my market share (all prepaid in February)
2 tomato's, a pound of baby squash and onions (Uncle took half home)
A pound of purple peppers
Two very full bags of baby lettuce

Cucumbers and Chinese broccoli

I paid for the following
3 beautiful eggplants and 4 peppers $5.00
3 zucchini and 2 huge bunches Swiss Chard. $9.00

Not pictured 4 ears of corn $2.00
all organic. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stop and Shop App (get it!) and read why

If you don't already have the Stop and Shop app on your smart phone, I recommend you download it.

They offer freebies at least twice a month, as well as very high value coupons. 

I just used $5 off of $10 Nature's promise MEAT.  They also have $ off a certain amount of your order, as well as $ of a certain amount of produce. 

To put this in perspective, I only used two paper coupons today, one from the flyer for bacon and one from a mailer I received for $2 off $10 produce.  Yet I saved $19.44 in coupons.  Out of pocket was $63.35

Most of the meat was Nature's Promise no hormone's, no additive's and sometimes organic. 

I purchased over a pound of pepperoni, 20 ounces of Kobe beef burgers, 85% organic ground beef (a pound), Smithfield bacon, Nature's promise Andouille sausage and Nature's promise ground chicken breast.  Also three servings of Nature's promise Mahi Mahi.  More than a week's worth of proteins in our house.   

2 large cauliflowers, 5 lbs of onions, the biggest iceburg lettuce I could find and two large Green peppers.

Also two cases of water totaling 70 bottles
(we also bring beverages in our RTIC mugs every day)
This with veggies we already have will provide a lot of meals. 
I used the app to save $6 off meat and to get the free guacamole
Total before all the card and manufacturer's coupons was $82.79.  OOP was $63.35!!!

July grocery totals under budget!

$480.50 spent

June 25 $8.05  5 yogurts and a lemon seltzer (I was thirsty)

June 27 $67.48 Stop and Shop  Lots of freebies (dannon yogurt, International Delight iced coffee half gallon and Oreo Milka bar plus 2 Stok unsweetened iced coffees, peppered and roasted sliced turkey lbs from deli, 1/2 lb hard salami and a lb of american white cheese.  5 chobani yogurts, Three 35 packs of bottled water, 5.11 lbs of London broil (only paid $8.53!!!) and 5 lbs of Vidalia onions.

June 28 $13.00 Stop and Shop (took my DM shopping and used some loss leader coupons she didn't want)  More London Broil at 1.67 a pound, a lemon and some meat sticks for DH to try.

June 29 BJ's wholesale $78.46 4 lbs whole cabbage, 10 lbs potatoes, 6 pk green olives, 6 pk black olives, 4 pk peppers, fig spread (total want), large Marie's coleslaw dressing, iceberg lettuce, 2 lbs of provolone, 5 lbs of tomatoes, 3 pk of johnsonville turkey breakfast sausage, 3 lbs of bacon, 3 lbs of shredded coleslaw (this and marie's was to bring to a picnic)

July 2, $24 farmers market english muffins and rasperries

July 6, $54.41 Stop and Shop, pound butter quarters, three 35 pk cases of spring water, 4.28 lbs of ground beef, 2.3 lbs of cherries, 2 lbs of extra jumbo raw shrimp, gallon of milk.

July 7 $6.12 pound of butter and eighteen count eggs (after the Ibotta discount of .25)

July 9, $9.50 Farmers Market for white and red raspberries and three ears of corn.

July 9, $35.07 Ct Fresh Food and Produce Market tomatoes, stuffed eggplant, bagel chips, hamburger rolls, iceburg lettuce, salad dressing, two large slicing tomatoes, peppers and shredded cabbage.

July 11 $30.92  Stop and Shop  two cases of water, powdered milk (Carol at CTONABUDGET would be so proud, was in the crash and burn because the box had to be taped shut! ), 5 yogurts, FREE iced coffee.  4 packages of Premio sausage links, a cucumber, 5 lbs of Vidalia onions, more tomatoes (you'd think eating them induced a high with the way they get eaten in this house) and more iceburg lettuce.  If you don't have the stop and shop app I advise you to download it and check out their coupons you can attach to your loyalty card.  I get something free at least twice a month.

July 17 $17.99 Gallon milk, tomatoes, cukes, pepperoni, celery

July 19-23 we were in Pennsylvania .  $135.50. We tend to bring a cooler and this trip was no different . However we did not buy meat as in previous visits other than beef jerky and dried meat sticks for the DH.  We did buy Amish made butter in 5 pounds logs quantity two . Three of my favorite yogurt from another Amish farm . Various bulk items including nuts seeds soup mix starters and dip mixes . Only one loaf of bread , 4 pounds of tomatoes 6 pounds of zucchini , 5 pounds of cabbage, two large green peppers, 4 pounds of peaches and two baked oatmeal's as well as a vegetable pie .  Almonds, cashew and peanut butters Freshly ground. Three bags of pretzels.  Large jars of pickles and apple sauce.  One baked oatmeal was frozen, half the loaf of bread was frozen.  Butter was frozen.   Look at the prices below.  Amazing deals!

Recent freebies

I got this nice full sized wall calendar from a Bird organization.  Will put it in studio office.
Yogurt from Sheetz app while away. 

Sabra guacamole at Stop and Shop

Monday, July 24, 2017

Vacation on the budget the good the bad the ugly

This trip the budget was the priority.  I planned for deals way in advance and I feel we did great.  First deal was Sheetz gift cards purchased on special at $80 worth for $70.   Also got 14 back from Ibotta.  So, $56 OOP for $80 in fuel.  I also got a nice freebie as I have their app, and they have a rewards card.  Got a free yogurt from their dairy case. 

 First thing was the hotel . We stayed at a different hotel this time the Inn at Hershey Farm .   One place I do not skimp is where we stay. I want to feel comfortable, safe and in a fun atmosphere . This location offered me two animal farms with goats and other animals for me to feed and admire. Beautiful gardens with walking paths and a pool for the DH.   This was the first Pennsylvania hotel that we stayed at actually had more of a resort atmosphere rather than a bed-and-breakfast atmosphere .   It included a full breakfast smorgasbord .  24 hour coffee tea and iced lemon and cucumber waters in the lobby.  We stayed in the actual inn,  which was the most like a hotel on the property.  They also had two other buildings that were more like a motel known as the farm and the Carriage house . The entire property was very spread out .  I booked it in advance and used rewards card that was giving five times the usual rewards per dollar if used on a hotel within a certain timeframe . If we had paid for the smorgasbord each morning we were there it would've been $30 each morning including tip . Instead we paid $20 in tips to the smorgasbord beverage bringer the entire stay.   We also left $12 and tips to housekeeping .

 We went to the magic lantern picture show at the Amish experience and bought the tickets in advance using a five dollar off code for each of us . With tax $24.92 spent.  This was just OK.  We know this venue is a tourist trap, but DH wanted to see the lantern (1800's projector) in action. So, glad we saved $10.

 Since breakfast was so substantial we didn't need to eat out again until late afternoon the earliest being 4:00 PM and the latest being 7:30 PM.   Three of our dinner meals for smorgasbords with DH finding beef each time as well as chicken and pork I was happy to have fish and vegetables at these meals. The first smorgasbord was Shady Maple on prime rib night (Wednesday) which cost us $40 total, included everything . Second and third dinner meals were at Yoder's restaurant we again enjoyed the smorgasbord.  Thursday night we ate at a local owned by an Amish family restaurant called Katie's kitchen . A popular venue, we had to wait only 10 minutes for a table we timed it right because we saw other parties wait for up to an hour . DH had chicken with grilled onions and a salad and I had 1/2 portion of their meatloaf dinner very good . Entire bill with tip was under $20 . Friday night was the big seafood night , and the most expensive smorgasbord at $20.99 per person . At this restaurant tipping is allowed so including dinner and the tip we spent $50 .  Final dinner meal found us again at Yoder's where was New York strip night at 18.99 a person.  With tip we paid $46 . We always get water as our beverages for health and to save money.   Total spent on meals out including extra bottled water was $160.  For 5 days I thought that was really good.

 Since DH and I are both watching what we eat we did not stop at any pretzel Stands or bakeries for snacking as we have in previous visits . We stayed on plan and I'm very proud of both of us.  I had packed nuts and jerky for DH. 

 We spent 1 Day in Gettysburg with the goal being visit all of the historical sites on a budget but also spending intended money with a historical photographer . Using an 1800s camera he took two photos of us one he process on the template and the other on a glass plate showing us the exact process that was used in this era . The difference of novelty photo booths you see at some amusement parks , this is the real deal.   We received a 5 x 7 tinplate , a 5 x 7 glassplate. and four digital prints .    Not only were we both dressed very uncomfortably in original civil war era clothing, but we had to stand still for 12 seconds for each shot . Our heads were actually in stands so we would not move . Now I completely understand why all the old pictures do not have people smiling . We have our own as well now, so we look very stern.  Total spent for this experience was $120 well worth the history lesson .  This was a full wardrobe lesson as well, I am SO GLAD I do not have to dress like this nowadays. 

Tin Type
Glass Type

 We also wanted to take a tour of the battlefield but instead of paying $75 for a tour guide , or $50 for a crowded bus tour we decided to plan an auto tour. I purchased the three CD and maps  before we left for $20 and we enjoyed the day stopping and starting while listening to the tour guide and learning about the history of this battle .

 Waiting for the prints to be finished we walked over to the Jenny Wade Museum and for $16 with our  AAA discount we learned about the one civilian casualty of the battle of Gettysburg.

 We visited the Ephrata Cloister with our AAA discount it was $18.    A delightful morning.    All of these events were GOOD.

All of these trips were planned, and well enjoyed. 

The food purchases we made to bring back home are under grocery expenses.  These also were planned. 

Antiquing for us is always a past time.  We paid cash for all we bought.  Some gifts (small items) and I heard a clock in a new to us antique shop in Adamstown.  I scoured the place til I heard it chime again.   It was a very well kept Seth Thomas made in CT mantle clock.  Priced reasonably at $159 but then we got 20% off.  We usually are a wait til the last day and see if it's there couple, but I did not want to let this clock go.  It has a beautiful soft and mellow chime. 

We now have over 40 clocks in our house that chime.  Don't make a phone call between 10 and 12!
DH also gifted me with a sketch from 1905.  It has the artist and where he went to art school listed on the back.  It will go to the studio in my private teaching room.
The last purchase we made I want to share with you was soap.  I love soap (it and coffee are my splurges)  I even plan on trying to make my own and purchased all the supplies with my Christmas gift money.  But in PA, I always buy a bar or two made by the same woman.  Garden Path Soap.  We usually pick it up at roadside stands.  Imagine my delight when we saw she now had her own shop!  It is at 342 Beechdale Rd, Bird In Hand PA if you are ever in the area.  Cash only!   I normally paid 5.95 a bar but directly from her was 3.95.  It get's better, she had huge uncut logs for $22.95 of my and DH's favorite scents.  So, we each got a log, I also purchased several other bars, DH chose some natural bug spray AND I got two bars that were made around a loofah sponge for $2.50 each.  Total spent was $64.00 for something we need, use daily and makes me happy. 
All of these are the GOOD!
We spent more on a book we wanted in the Cloister gift shop.  Found it $20 cheaper in the Gordonville bookstore (a stop we always make owned by an amish family)  Really annoyed at this oops.  So, this was the BAD. 
And now for the ugly

Not what you want to find when you go to put items in your vehicle. 
DH and I were both surprised by how calm the other was.  He was just glad we didn't do it, that it didn't involve injuries or while on the road.  I was glad I knew I had the deductible money.  LOL.  All because I planned this trip wisely, and we didn't waste money on things.  We only got planned purchases, or items we knew we would love that were all well priced and paid cash for.
So, the money we saved by not spending will be put towards the bodywork repair.
Always look for the silver lining!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Farmers Market on 7/9

I love my market share!    Something to look forward to each Sunday I can get down there. 

Two bags of spring mix and cucumbers, part of organic market share.

LOOK at that beautiful escarole!  All that yummy squash and blueberries!
also part of my share

I paid $9.50 for the raspberries and the corn (only Uncle and Gpa P ate)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Recent Freebies

Thank you Stop and Shop!

I ate the yogurt upon arrival home.