Monday, June 26, 2017

June Grocery purchases

Total $533.17  Most of NY purchases will go into July.  I think I did very well.

May 29, BJ's wholesale. $111.64  Special K supersized twin pack, sirloin tips (put half aside for beef soup), salmon filets, twin pack 1/2 gallons of Unsweetened almond milk, 24 ounces mushrooms, cherries, fruit tray, 4 pack of egg whites, gallon milk, gallon OJ, cream cheese, two bags of Thomas' bagel thins (froze half) two bags of Thomas' english muffins (froze half)

June 4 Farmers Market $25    You can see what I purchased HERE

June 4 Ct Produce Market North Haven $27.30   Spaghetti squash, 2.5 lbs assorted grilling sausage, dozen jumbo eggs, discounted tomatoes, perfect condition, cauliflower head and a bag of riced cauliflower, 2.15 lbs of green cabbage.

June 6 BJ's wholesale $28.81 (had a $20 reward)  5 dozen eggs (DH is now doing ketogenic/paleo diet), squeeze bottle garlic, 64 ounce Mayo, Johnsonville 3 pack Turkey sausage, gallon milk, 2 lbs of provolone, 3 lbs bacon, iceburg lettuce, 2 lb sour cream. 

June 12 $112.52 Tomatoes, Iced coffee (though I also have been making my own), sausage, rotissere chicken (this was a very hot day, ,did not want us turning on oven), salmon, 4 lbs of shrimp, cocktail sauce (enough for a very long time)
 peppers, avocado and smoked salmon. 

June 18 $20 at SoNo Bakery for english muffins (8) 

June 21 $3.59 milk

June 22, $41 Ct Natural Foods, cooked ribs (DH lunch request), lettuce (both romaine and iceburg), onions, lemon poppy seed bread (froze half) 2 lb loaf marble rye (froze half), celery

June 25th Oscar's Smoke House $137.31   2 lbs liverwurst, 4 lbs hickory smoked bacon, smoked turkey leg, smoked ham, 1 lb english bacon, 1 lb summer sausage, 2 lbs aged cheddar, 2 lbs their own loose hotdogs (that are so small I kept giggling at them) 8 assorted meat sticks (a few were game meats) and a lb of beef jerky,  their own mustard, various seasoning mixes that they blend and a sourcream cucumber dressing.   This is where Rachel Ray gets all the bacon she cooks!

June 25th $51    Crowley Cheese Factory this was a treat, DH kept saying good call sweetie good call.  A National Historic Place, the oldest continuously operating cheese factory in America.  We bought 3 half pound blocks of their unusually sharp cheddar, garlic cheddar and mufallato unusually sharp. A lb of locally made pepperoni, a delicious smoked/spiced maple syrup that they make and some other condiments from local vendors.  Weekday's they do tours of the cheese factory.  Store is open 7 days a week.  Lots of samples!  Very gracious owners.


  1. Looks like someone took a trip to Lake George. lolz
    That Muffaletta cheese sounds intriguing.
    I love a really good seriously sharp cheddar too!

  2. Just for a quick overnight trip. We actually stayed at a historic inn in the town of Warrensburg. Literally a walk from Oscar's smokehouse

  3. Sigh, you go shopping at all the best places! Can I come eat at your house?


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