Sunday, May 7, 2017

City Seed Sunday Marketing Opening Day

Opening Day Edgewood Market
Uncle took the above picture, you can just see my arm in the black sweater and my tulips in lower left corner.

My market share at Four Root Farm provided a lovely bunch of salmon colors parrot tulips, two bunches of broccoli rabe and a bag of pea shoots.    


New vendor Drunken Alpaca malt beer sea salt potato chips.  $4.00

SoNo Bakery.    Prices seem to have gone down.    One of the tent staff said it was a slow winter.    I got 3 challah bagels, 4 scallion English muffins and a large piece of crumb cake, enough for two.    $20


New vendor Best Buddies Dog Biscuits  treats.   Got Gpa P's dog (not ours....) a bag of sweet potato cookies.   $4

Riverbank Farm Celeriac root, two bags of Swiss chard.  $8

City Seed tent bread.    Huge loaf of whole wheat (I cut and froze half) sourdough baguette.    $8.25


It was a great opening day.   

Friday, May 5, 2017

Shoprite/Poland Spring kick back

Just a quick post (recital/musical/graduation time of year)
Shoprite had a coupon in flyer (no minimum purchase required)
Get 3 twentyfour packs Poland Spring Water for $9.00 (plus deposit)
This nice surprise was kicked out of the register. 
3 cases for $7.00  not bad.