Saturday, April 29, 2017

April shopping finally below budget!

Drumroll please! $404.44 for the month

3/28 BJ's wholesale   $101.97    6 lbs of various pasta shapes, 40 pack water (though now we are mainly drinking from the tap, I like to have some bottled water in the house) 12 count corn bread, Guacamole mini 12 pack, Lump crab meat, pita chips, milk, starkest tuna pouch 10 pk, chorizo sausage, grated cheese, mushrooms, sirloin tips (treat for DH, He enjoyed once, Pops ate three times, I had none...not a complaint on this, just stating how long it lasted.  I rarely eat beef) 20 ounces mushrooms, 10 lbs of russet potatoes.

4/3 BJ's wholesale $65.78 10 lbs of potatoes (we went through that last batch almost!), Large spring mix (applied for .25 back from checkout 51 and another .25 from Ibotta), 7 and 3/4 lb Smithfield spiral cut ham, 30 ounce package Ritz crackers, 2 lb Daisy sour cream, Croutons, 1.5 lb bag of organic fresh greenbeans, 1.5 lbs of 26-30 shrimp, 2.5 lbs of boneless skinless salmon, loaf of Levy rye.  This price was so low as I have a rewards membership (definitely earn back the membership fee each year) and used a $20 reward AND $6 in coupons plus the two rebates submitted.  Both were credited to my account within hours. 

April 3, Big Y $24.64    Only planned on getting eggs, (and in looking at my receipt I realize I did not get the $1.50 price per the egglands best eggs as advertised...grrrrrr)  I got 2 dozen egglands best, 2 bags of popchips, andouille sausage and 2 turkeys at .49 per pound!
April 5 Ocean State Job Lot $15.14 for 8 six packs of DH favorite Diet Dry Orange Seltzer.  This total includes $2.40 in bottle returns.
April 6 $2.25 oop (I did use a gifted $25 g.c.) 20 ounces of Monterey jack cheese, pound LOL butter, 4 boxes Ronzoni pasta, 2 dozen egglands best eggs, 6 cans of green giant veggies (.49 each when you buy 6) 5 lbs of discounted assorted color peppers (and nothing wrong with them...), 3 cartons of organic stock, last Purex bottled needed to get $5 back, 4 organic lemons and 3 lbs of onions. (.25 back from Savingstar)
April 7 $14.01 six pounds of Boneless Skinless chicken breasts
April 7 $14.94 twelve cases of 24 bottles each Poland Springs Water (not including deposit fee's in this total)  You can read about this deal here
April 8, Stop and Shop $0 out of pocket as I used a gift card received in 2016.  The purpose of this trip was to buy groceries to cook for my Grandmother so I am only listing here what was put into our household.  3 lbs of Italian sausage, 2.5 lbs of ground beef, 1.5 lbs of stew meat.  6 pack mini life coke (stevia and pure cane sugar) for DH to try (not a fan), asparagus, broccoli, celery, jar of Heinz gravy, large bottle gravy master, LOL butter.
April 9, $10.75   2 loaves of Italian bread, spaghetti squash, potato chips (DH was with me, lol)

April 10 $42.44 Target for 96 starbucks K-Cups (6 boxes)  Between gift cards, ground coffee and this I should be set through the summer (but probably will stock up again if there is another deal)
April 12th Shoprite $16.94  Ciabatta Olive Oil Bread, 40 ounces of mushrooms, 6 lbs of Broccoli Rabe (oh yea!)
April 16 BJ's Wholesale $60.64 (yes, Resurrection Sunday)   Light Cream, Gallon of Milk, Salmon, Onions, Shredded Cheese. Two different huge bags of Jelly Beans (DH request, I will steal some away for a craft project) 
Can't forget the deal on 12 cases of Poland Springs!  $14.94
4/26 DH spent $20 on salad fixings and crusty bread. 
Granted, we have been out of milk for almost 10 days (again, only Pops drinks it) but we did quite nicely.   I have been working hard to use what we have in the house and make due. 
I am very pleased with this month's accomplishment. 

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