Thursday, March 30, 2017


Thanks to CT Mom over at ctonabudget who has mentioned Penzey's on more than one occasion I finally got myself on their mailing list and was able to get some fantastic spices for a very low cost.

They were running a special of Free Shipping on a $19.95 total.   But wait!  They also were running lots of other freebie deals and they allowed me to combine two of them.  But wait!  My total before coupons was over $45 so they even gave me another freebie!   Here is what I got.  My total spent out of pocket was $19.99

I paid for the Gumbo File, Wasabi powder, Epazote Mexican spice mix, Tsardust Moroccan spice mix and a Salsa salad seasoning.

I had coupons to get the Minced Garlic and the Pie Spices FREE (Pie was to keep one and share one, and my friend Margaret will be getting my to share jar)
The Tuscan Spice blend was off my radar as I felt I did not qualify for it, but it was in my box anyway!   I didn't enter the code.  Great company to purchase from.


  1. Ys, I am a big fan of Penzey's. Used to be within my driving loop from work, down county. Now retired, it's an hour's drive, so limited to when I have a gyno or allergist appointment, which brings me closer to them.

  2. Even farther for me to get to a store so I was thrilled to see the free shipping. Thanks for making me aware of this great company.


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