Monday, March 13, 2017

Here we go!

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We are in the red, AKA Blizzard Warning

So, what have we done to prep?  Not much.  Gassed up vehicles, went to post office, went to bank. 

I did go to the produce market today to pick up some fruit and veggies plus whole milk for DH's hot cocoa. 

I took the front door wreath (now spring themed, should probably put out the poinsetta again)

We made room in the garage for at least one vehicle (there are four)

I already notified the 30 families who take lessons tomorrow that we will be closed due to the storm (we have snow days built into our 48 lessons per year schedule, so they won't lose the lesson, and the educators won't lose a day's pay)

I plan on baking, cooking and puttering all day.  

We may lose power, so I am grateful for lots of warm blankets, lots of books and things to well as craft projects I can work on to stay busy. 

How do you prep for big storms? Do you look forward to them?


  1. Just roll with the punches, cancelled some appointments. Stopped at Shoprite (wanted a second corned beef for this week), some sale coffee, LF milk for DD, 1 cantaloupe. Store wasn't all that busy. No need for gas, filled up recently, will top off in another 2 weeks.

  2. Oh my, I certainly hope it's not so bad and that you don't lose power and remain safe. Good luck!

    Our big storms are hurricanes and no, I don't look forward to them at all :)

  3. Since I did that huge grocery trip last week, I didn't do a whole heck of a lot more to "prep".... I went to the Town Hall to pay a bill, went over to the library to pick up books for youngest daughter (who likes when I bring home a bunch of different selections for her), hubby, and me, grabbed some extra candles from the basement to have upstairs, and did some baking - apple crisp & peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Also, I located extra blankets and am trying to catch up on laundry in case of power outages. On Saturday, I realized this might be a bad storm, I lugged in a bunch of wood into the garage for the fireplace.


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