Thursday, March 30, 2017


Hmmmm, I am slacking on the photos

Saturday was POPS 75th bday.   He wanted hotdogs, burgers, potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw and macaroni salad.   Uncle wanted me to make all these things from scratch.  DH reminded Uncle that I had three very late nights in a row (9 on Wed due to ensembles, 930 on Thursday due to theory classes that I offered for free in honor of March is Music in our Schools Month and Friday a rehearsal) so DH purchased everything from Big Y.  I did not count this as grocery funds as it was part of the birthday celebration.  We did go to Lucibello's to pick up an ordered 6 inch Italian Cream cake.  I had one burger and a taste of each salad. 

We had grilled salmon (three portions, three meals for me), grilled chicken leg quarters (4) (cut in half, so it worked for 1 piece for me (Thursday lunch) and 2 for DH, and Pops had two meals...yes that is 5 pieces)  but these pieces are small.  I'm trying to get him to eat more veggies and protein and less bread.  I actually am not baking or buying bread anymore as he will just eat the entire loaf.

I also had mixed some tuna with some leftover macaroni salad/coleslaw from Sunday.

Men had sirloin tips with baked potatoes and asparagus on Wednesday.  I finished the salmon. 

Today (Thursday) I did steam some yellow squash in the microwave and I steamed the last of my farmers market turnips in the Instant Pot. 

Mashed with some butter

And you want to know what makes me salivate?  Vegetables.  The diagnosis of Crohn's last spring has been a struggle for me to keep a good weight (I've gained some with the food changes they required me to do plus meds) and to enjoy eating.   I love raw veggies, love salads, love vegetable soups.  Not for moral reasons, I just prefer to eat vegetables.  Not a big fan of fruit (will eat berries occasionally, perhaps a slice of watermelon).

Well, now with a lot of beano and a new medication taken an hour before a meal for stomach/intestinal cramping/pain (which has a whole new list of side I only use it when I know the meal will make me suffer)  I got to just enjoy this:

Mashed Turnips with butter and black pepper and steamed yellow squash no other add on's. I did eat a chicken drumstick too.  LOL
I am not a fan of all the meds I take (now up to 12 pills a day) but if it allows me to eat healthier and in a way that I would prefer, I will do it. 
I almost was crying with joy when I sat down to this meal.  So good.

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