Monday, March 20, 2017

Cooking and feeling bleh

On Thursday I made Pork Roast with peppers and onions (sorry no photo)  I browned the roast, then put it in the crockpot with the veggies, fresh garlic cloves and a few shakes of Wosteschire sauce.  I can never spell that word right.  It smelled good, but I have not been feeling well since the storm, so didn't eat any.  Pops complained it was a bit dry, I don't know what he was talking about.  I shredded the rest of it with two forks to freeze for a future pork stew.  I think he just likes to complain. 

I also made more soup with the chicken carcass from last week, mushrooms, garlic, egg noodles, onion, celery.  Was very good.  I will live on this for days.

DH made corned beef with veggies on Sunday.  Uncle wouldn't come over as I was still sick, so DH kindly brought him some as well as some lemon scones I had made.  DH and I don't care much for corned beef.  Two servings for Pops and one for the Uncle and the entire piece of meat was gone.  I'm not kidding.  Thank God I got it at such a deal.  Original price for this 4.64 lb slab of meat was 30.11, bonus buy took 18.65 off and then I had a coupon to get it for an even lower price, so I paid $9.14.  There are plenty of veggies left, so I will turn those into a vegetable soup later in the week.

Today is the first day I feel 50% since last Tuesday.  I am looking forward to 80% and up.  Have not missed any work (though I thought about it) and have been sleeping am amazing amount of time.  Today I vacuumed and wrapped a package to send to my Grandmother.  Did some business related work this morning, scheduled an eye exam for Pops (luckily got a great time for next Tuesday, so I can bring him instead of DH) Now I'm trying to get my energy up to shower and head to the bank and post office before I go to the studio. 
On a happy note, I never had a fever or sore throat.  So, I am saying it's not an intestinal blockage (as I had last spring) or an 'eschemic event' as I had a few weeks ago with my vision being thrown for a loop.  So I got this!


  1. Glad you are better and on the road back to health.

    1. Thanks sluggy! Always nice to hear from you.

  2. Sorry that you haven't been feeling well for quite some time-a week? Hopefully, this will soon be behind you. ((SAndie))

  3. Sorry you haven't been feeling well either! Glad it's nothing too terribly bad like the other two times you stated! Feel better soon! =)


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