Thursday, February 2, 2017

Typical Week (with no one home) and other mutterings

Photo taken on January 30th
And as I post this I realize I need to clean the window trim.  Yuck at me.
I won last week's step challenge between friends.  Only because Dawn was either ill or lost her tracker. 

So, I thought I would share a typical day with Gpa P away.  Less interruptions.  It is like having a child with him here sometimes.  More messes and more interruptions.  I do love my Dad, but like anyone else you are with 24/7 it can be annoying.  Add the fact he forgets he's eaten, turned on things, left doors opened, etc it is a challenge at times.

It is 943 am as I write this.  I am on the 2nd load of laundry, I have done 4300 steps so far and been active for 40 minutes. 

I took Gpa P's dog out after feeding her, and took some photos.  Here is the best one.  Can you see him?


I have entered in receipts, brought out recycle bin, eaten breakfast, made the bed.   Started two blog posts.  Collected garbage to bring out.  Done bookkeeping for the studio (payments come in the first week of the month)  Cleaned out our robot vacuum and had it do the entire house.  We run it at least 3 times a week. 

Checked in with my Mother and Daughter (who is trying go get seen by a doctor today, so I am guiding long distance on how to find a new physician).  Texted with Gpa P and the Uncle. 

Had 8 ounces warm water with lemon and on 2nd cup of coffee.  Also 16 ounces of water consumed so far in addition. 

Cleaned out the fridge. 

To give you a sense of our home life, this is Leroy. He was in the garage on a chair, I guess DH felt it was to cold for him and put him in the basement.   This is how I found him

So now I will put him in a different spot and see how long it takes DH to notice.  heehee
How is your morning going?


  1. When I first read your post, I thought you were asking us if we could see the dog out there and I was going to say... "Sandie, is Grandpa P's dog a DEER?!" LOL. Also, I didn't realize that GrandPa P. is your dad. I thought he was your or your husband's grandfather!

    Speaking of family members, forgive me if you've already explained (I'm forgetful and I read a lot of blogs so I get confused) but is your daughter OK? I feel like I've missed something important. Sorry if you've already explained. I hope she's OK.

    How is your vision doing today? Any improvement?

    Wow, you did ALL of that by 9:43 a.m.?! Did you get up at 3 a.m. or something?!

    I'm laughing at you moving the skeleton to surprise your husband but if a skeleton showed up here, unexpectedly, anywhere, I probably would have a heart attack, ha.

    1. Hi Nathalie. Everyone calls my Pops Gpa P. I am not sure why. Lol. DD is just fine, just not used to being a complete adult yet. She lives on her own in RI, and decided coming back for Dr visits was to much. She is feeling a bit ill and wanted to get checked out locally. All good. I can now look in the rear view mirror without getting dizzy. This is a huge improvement. Still cannot look straight up or to the right.....but feeling positive. Ty for asking. I was up at 5, but didn't get moving to 645.

  2. Hang him in your shower after you've had yours (I assume he has his after based on time getting up)....kind of like Psycho

  3. Hi cheap chick. At first I thought you meant hang my father in the shower.......then I realized you meant Leroy. Lol. Been a long day. I might just do that.


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