Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow and ice storm adventure including farmers market

Yesterday we woke up to snow storm combined with ice. DH had promised to take me  to the one winter indoor market that's held on a Sunday. I told him we didn't need to go but he said he wanted to go so we were going!

I had some Kashi Golean with almond milk and he had a piece of coffee cake ( I had picked one up at a bakery near my mom that he loves since I was out there this week taking her to some doctors appointments on Friday morning which was another horrible snowy icy day )  and then off we went. I kept checking to make sure they had not canceled it, since the last outdoor market weekend they had canceled due to rain. But it looked like it was a go!

When we first started out the roads were fine but that quickly changed.     When we go to the farmers market we were greeted with a very empty parking lot and a young lady in the entranceway to let us know that due to the storm a lot of vendors had canceled. She wasn't kidding,  the list of vendors not showing up was much larger than a list of vendors that have arrived. But that's OK we still got some nice purchases.  We were disappointed no yogurt or milk as Smith Trinity Farm was too far away to risk the trip.  I was impressed that Blue Slope Farm made it, they are from Franklin.

We  purchased something new to us from Blue Slope, beef bacon. We also purchased 2.4 pounds of veal stew meat. Cost was 22.50 at this vendor.     Then some sausage made of chicken and kale from a favorite vendor that I usually see $10.56. Whole G bakery was there, another one that I miss that doesn't come to the Sunday outdoor market anymore.   DH and I were excited that they were selling half loaves of bread.  Yes it cost us a dollar more to get two separate half loaves than if we had purchased just one whole loaf, but I felt that it was worth the charge to try some new things.    We got half a loaf of Berliner bread which was a combination of whole wheat, rye, and I believe graham flour. It was a little bit lighter than a pumpernickel and had a nice sweet flavor and a really hard crust. I would get that again.    The other half that we purchased was rye bread,  delicious. Two pretzel rolls, two large soft pretzels and a chocolate croissant. $15.    SONO bakery was there. Everyone knows that my family has a love-hate relationship with them, for some of their staff and their prices. To put this in perspective I did buy six English muffins. Three were scallion which are something that they don't always make, and three were regular. I paid $15 for six English muffins. But I cut them in half,  and I will only eat a half at each meal I enjoy them. 

Those were all the food purchases for us that we made. I also bought the Uncle a birthday gift for $15. There's a vendor of honey and maple syrup that's only at the Saturday market so we've only seen him once. I was happy to see that he was there remembered that the Uncle loved his honey and we got him a huge 2 pound  jar.

There was also a woman who is new to us who made beautiful handcrafted 3D cards as well as Valentine's Day paper dolls that were so intricate I had to buy one for my grandmother. Also bought her a 3-D birthday card for me to send her later in the month. Total is this stand was not cheap, $18 for these two items but I know my grandmother will enjoy them and I like the idea of purchasing from someone who has actually made the product.   Here is a pic. of the Valentines doll

 Then we drove around downtown New Haven for a while noticing how bad the roads were getting. But that doesn't stop my husband. And driving through the artsy part of town we came across a new restaurant called order of fries. I looked them up they only make fries and chili. And if you've been a reader of my blog you know my husband loves Fries. They didn't open until noon we had an  hour to kill, so we started driving. Drove through Hamden. We drove through Cheshire. I wonder if a fellow blogger had gone to the market as I didn't see her there as we drove through her town.

We returned back with the roads now very bad. But my husband was determined to see if that fry place was going to open. And they were open. He purchased a cup of their chili and a large fry with several different sauces for us to bring home. I have to say the chili which I had two spoonfuls of was delicious, and gave me the idea of starting to add cinnamon and other sweeter spices the next time I make my own for a change.     When we got home I took some of the fries and put them on my plate with a  low-carb wrap that I had put the last of some Purdue chicken shortcuts in.

It was an adventurous type of day.   


  1. Hi Sandie! I'm going out on a limb and say you were wondering about me? LOL Nope, we didn't venture out on Sunday and, after reading this post, I'm glad we didn't since we only would have been going for Smith dairy anyway. We ran out on Saturday afternoon to Whitneyville Market and got our "Smith farm fix". By the way, in case you ever need to know, they DO sell the farm's yogurt there as well as the milk, heavy cream, and half & half.

  2. YES! I was hinting about you. LOL so I totally understand your decision not to go… We were hoping to run into you and thought we could all have lunch together.... maybe another day

    1. That would have been so nice! Definitely another day! =)

  3. When Greg and I go "adventuring", it usually means that we're taking a road that we haven't taken before. And of course it doesn't snow here :) So I think your "adventuring" in all that snow is hardcore :)

    It sounds like you had a grand day, though so I'm happy for you. Who only buys ONE chocolate croissant?! OK, you redeemed yourself with the 6 English muffins. They must be SOME muffins to cost so much! I know they look delicious from previous pictures that you posted, though.

    Oldest Son loooooves fries so he would probably live at a place that specializes in them!

    That Valentine doll is very nice. Yes, it's expensive but when you consider how much time she probably put into making it, it's not so bad.


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