Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Readjusting to Pops being home, and remember the honey purchase?

Good morning!     So, for over two weeks I did a daily wipe down of counter tops and stove.  Now I'm doing it almost every hour. 

This is what my stove looked like after 5 eggs for Gpa P and 1 for the dog were cooked.  No, I didn't cook them.

But the real post is about the honey.  Remember I purchased honey for the Uncle as part of his birthday gift.....
Here is how much opened honey I have in my house
Walmart Generic Bear

Amish honey and comb

Student gift from their own hives
But what does Gpa P aka Pops go for this morning?   Yup, you guessed it
Uncles not even in the kitchen birthday honey.
I'm still giving it to him, telling him his younger brother tested it to make sure it was sweet enough.  Since he knows what we deal with I'm hoping he will find it amusing.
I will be honest, I wasn't very amused at first.........but I walked away to not yell at him, and find a humorous spin.


  1. *said in my best sarcastic voice* You are sooo lucky to have a product tester there living with you. ;-)
    Men....what can you do?

  2. NOOOO! Good for you for not yelling at him! I am not sure I would have that kind of control! I know how expensive that vendor's honey is - and how good it is too! When we bought our one pound jar a few weeks ago, I showed both my girls and told them it was NOT for their DIY facial masks since they can use the cheaper stuff for that. Here's to staying so calm and being able to laugh about it a little even! =)

  3. That would irritate the shit out of me. I guess you need to hid stuff. Did your dad not get enough food as a child, he seems to eat till a normal person would be sick. Those two weeks must have been a vacation. Cheryl

  4. You are so kind. I categorically wouldn't let parents move in, mine or dh's (though dh suggested his mother come.) MI know it's mean, but I knew our marriage wouldn't last three months! My parents wouldn't have considered it, and I wouldn't want to move in with my kids either! I really admire those of you who can do this.

  5. I have to admit even two years ago I might not have been this calm about it. I don't begrudge him the honey so much as the actual work it makes me having to rethink a gift. We're lucky we can afford the amount of food that we go through when he is here. I know he always did eat like this even as a child. There was always plenty of food in my grandparents house. I think he's just used to huge large quantities. He does at times make himself sick after he's eaten then he thinks it's the food itself that made him ill and not the amount he's eaten. He has a fear of food going bad. He has a fear of wasting things. He forgets that other people live here at times or that he's even eaten already. My husband was always the Saint in the situation. He and his reactions over the past 10 years I would've made me change how I react. It was very hard for me to adjust to the change in our life. I left home very young and struggled with having to answer to my father again. A little back info he was going to lose The home his parents built. Some unwise financial decisions caused my uncle to contact me on my 40th birthday. My husband and I purchased the home added on for my father to have an apartment of his own. But even that, a lot of plans did not occur. The kitchen that was supposed to go into his apartment did not happen. The bathroom that should've been built was done half assed because he convinced the contractor to listen to him. And now the only way he can access his private bathroom is to come into the main house. He has broken a lot of things over the years. He's made extra work for us. It's taken a lot of adjustment for all of us. But my husband grew up in A small Cape with his two siblings his parents and at times all four of his grandparents. That's why I call him the saint. I wouldn't of done this if it hadn't been for him. And I hope that there's a larger room in heaven for me someday.


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