Friday, February 3, 2017

Meals so far and other happenings

Dinners and lunches for DH for the most part since Sunday January 29th have been lasagna.  I finally froze the rest of it.  I did have it for two lunches. 

On Tuesday January 31st  I cooked just shy of a pound of Cod in the oven with Emeril's original seasoning.  White rice and broccoli rabe (frozen assets from the farmers market).  Enough for me to have for lunch on Wednesday.

Wednesday February 1st was two chicken breasts grilled with baked potatoes and broccoli 

Thursday February 2nd  we had take out sushi

Today Friday February 3rd we had sausage in sauce that I defrosted from kitchen freezer.

I also took out another bag of Broccoli Rabe from the freezer that I blanched during farmers market share season.  A pound of hot turkey sausage.  A pound (4 count) of Stoltzfus meats burgers (PA).  These will be for the weekend. 

The prints in the snow to the right are four deer hooves.  The dogs are the closer together ones on the left.

Yesterday after I did all the house activities I went to the studio and taught for my short day (230-730)  Here was my logged steps for the day

I also was in a one day competition with friends, came in third.

Today I went to two banks with deposits, fed the birds and deer.  Fed and walked the dog, washed the hallway floors and kitchen floor. Brought in the trash and recycle bins.  Cleaned the bathrooms.  Washed the kitchen counters. Put the plethora of unopened wine bottles that we got for Christmas in the basement.  We get an awful lot of wine for people who really do not drink, lol.   Did more studio paperwork.  Then drove to the studio for an interview of a potential beginner at 230, taught from 3-7.  It's almost 9 pm now, DH is asleep on the couch.  I am waiting for the dishwasher to finish so that I can empty it and get my new Stainless Steel French press ready to go in the morning.  Did I mention that my glass FP broke?    Since to replace the glass was almost as much as getting this stainless steel one I went with the change.  Can't crack stainless steel.  Hopefully.   I sometimes get Starbucks on Saturday, but I have been enjoying making a pot at home and filling my RTIC mug to go.  It was a birthday gift from DH. 

Tomorrow is Saturday.  I am up usual time (530ish) and have to be in the studio by 7 am (yes, that's right)   We have lessons that start at 730 am for three of us.  I'll be there the latest, 1230.  Why so early?  Some of our clients need that early. Some of them leave us at 830 and go to skating lessons.  It's amazing how busy these kids are.   I'm up anyway.  So are the other teachers.  It's a choice we all agree with.  It also explains why some Saturday's I just have to have a nap. 

Last but not least, my steps for today.  I will probably hit 13k before we hit bed.  Maybe a bit more!

How did you do today?

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