Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Planning for December 2017 already!

Christmas is the big holiday in our family.   It is the one time we do things truly to excess.  But that doesn't mean we spend a lot of money.    I don't know what we like more, unwrapping what is under the tree, or telling what we spent for it!

So, I have already started for next year.  I had some Kohl's Cash ready for use on the 24th of December, was able to use some coupon codes (percentage off and free shipping) PLUS a student gift card to get started on the advent box for my Grandmother.  Yes, my darling Grandmother is still with us at age 98.  I started this tradition this year, and she loved it.  She also loved I only did it for her.  24 small gifts one for each day.  I pray she can enjoy her box in 2017.  

I also had a LL Bean $10 back gift card that expired on 1/7 to use.  I purchased a gun sock for my DH stocking for next year.  No cost to me at all!

Order Summary
Total Before Savings:$9.99
Promotional Gift Card:-$9.99
1 Item Ordered:$0.00
Shipping and Handling:FREE
Balance Applied:$0.00


I will be visiting Kohls in person this week as I received a bonus $10 back (again) as well as a Bobs Surplus $10.  Going to see what I can get for free. 

I already have three bins with gifts for next year packed away!  


  1. Awwwww, your grandma got an Advent calendar and loved it! That is so awesome! It was a lovely idea for you to do that for her. I wish my great aunt lived in the same country as me so I could do the same for her. But shipping to France is so expensive... and as she lives by herself in an apartment on the 2nd floor and she has bad knees, I always feel bad sending her stuff because I think that she has to walk down to her mailbox :(

    Good going on getting starting on Christmas 2017 already! I also like to give (and receive!) a lot of presents at Christmas, but I'm not nearly as frugal as you, and then Greg doesn't bother with coupons or deals at all anyway...

  2. Thank you for posting this. I just ordered one for free too. All of my boys would love this. My goal is free gifts for this year using these kind of coupons. I enjoy reading your blog. Barbara

    1. Thank you for reading Barbara Gantt!


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