Saturday, January 21, 2017

New medical issue

I hate when people are evasive, so I am going to share the week I have had since I mentioned it was a rough week.     Not asking for sympathies.  

Tuesday I woke up with a horrible pain behind my left eye.   Within 10 minutes of walking it off I was very dizzy and had double vision.    Called my PCP when nothing had changed by time DH came home at 330.   ( I drove to work to turn over keys to other educators and make sub arrangements).  

Since pulse and BP were fine we felt it was a bad migraine.   Usual treatment plan didn't help.   Wednesday AM had me go to PCP, who sent me to eye Dr.   Who sent me to eye specialist, who sent me for blood work and scheduled MRI.    I handled all this on my own.  (DH is still temping for the same company and they have been dangling the carrot of a permenant job........didn't want to rock the boat).   With my left eye closed I see ok.   With both eyes open I cannot move gaze up or to the right without extreme double vision.   I had to spend Thursday mainly in bed as the pain hadn't dissipated and I was (still am) exhausted.     I did go to BJ's when they opened to get a few things and I was never so tired, it was the exhaustion I found worrisome on top of the vision.   There is some concern I may have a new auto immune disease called Myasthenia Gravis.  The blood work will show the markers for that.    We should have those results Monday or Tuesday.  

MRI was yesterday (Friday).  The much mentioned Uncle is a retired neurosurgeon, and he was in contact with eye specialist and radiologist.    The MRI was to look for a tumor or aneurysm.     Good news as it looked just fine.    I joke that no one said they found a brain in there.  

The current diagnosis is that I have an  "isolated cranial nerve VI palsy" possibly caused by migraine syndrome.    Still have headache.   It is constantly there with sporadic increases in pain.    Moving eyes causes more pain.    If I keep head still I can read if book is right in front of me.    I have a follow up appointment with eye specialist this week and we are trying to get me into a nuero-opthomalogist sooner than 4 months.  

As a musician and educator this has been very disconcerting.    I haven't taught since Monday.   All of my special needs students were canceled and typical students I obtained subs.  

The pain is exhausting, but I have tried to do mini projects so that I am not just sitting 24 hours a day.    The plan is to return to teaching Monday with me now always sitting to the right of my student.   No more walking around while playing.  

So, tell me about your week!   Hoping it was better than mine.    And mine could have been a whole lot worse.    I am grateful for how swiftly I was seen for each appointment.    How I was calm (for the most part) and how I was able to handle all the travel on my own.    I am thankful for reliable co-educators and understanding parents.  


  1. First of all, good thoughts headed your way. You have a great attitude & seem to be handling things very well.

    My week was a wild mix of paperwork for our house, investment management (for the downpayment), work, soccer (kids), decluttering the house for the impending move.

    1. Thank you. Congrats on the new house! I got the tax envelope ready for the accountant. Just need one more document and we will make the appointment.

  2. Oh Sandie, I'm so sorry! Well, you weren't kidding when you said you felt bad for Greg when he had his migraine last week because you knew all about having migraines. Of course, I guess no one knew it would get so much worse for you. I'm glad the MRI came back negative for brain tumor or aneurysm. When you mentioned constant double vision that's all I could think about. I sure hope you can get to see a neuro ophthalmologist sooner than in 4 months too. I'm guessing none of the medications they are prescribing for you are bringing you any relief?

    My week was... well I think it was good, I can't remember what happened now. I did housework, got good deals when I shopped, exercised and dieted. I'm doing good progress on my January goals so I'm happy about that. Youngest Son obtained his Learner's Permit on Wednesday and I took him driving Wednesday and Thursday, which was a little daunting but he handled it fine (there was no traffic and we stayed in our neighborhood). Yesterday he placed first in the district in a Computer Problem Solving competition in which he actually performed poorly but he was the only student who entered this particular competition so he ended up with a First Place certificate and medallion, which made me laugh. But hey, he'll get to put this on his college applications so I think it's awesome, in a way. Not doing well in the competition wasn't his fault, there are no study materials or any guidance for it (it's a Future Business Leaders of America competition) so he went in completely blind , it's kind of awesome that he actually got SOME answers right!

    Today, he and my daughter went on a walk just down the street and brought back the following findings: Coke bottle caps for me, 2 pennies that they found and gave me and... a $50 bill! We're all wondering if it's real, hahaha. Neither Greg nor I have ever found that large of an amount before so we're all pretty giddy about it. Although I feel bad for the person who lost it. I'm thinking about driving to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket after getting my son (who spotted the $50 bill) to pick the numbers for me! I'm usually not superstitious, but you never know, right?

    Greg and I went on a hike this morning in a local state park. I was happy that I was able to walk since my knee felt a little tender when I first woke up and then I've been having plantar fasciitis in my left foot, but I wasn't in pain and I was able to hike over 4 miles! We didn't see much that was very interesting, but it was a nice hike and we had a good time.

    I can't think of anything else that happened this week. I'm worried about you. I think you're amazing to have driven to your school and found substitutes despite the pain you were in (and also lucky that you didn't get into a car accident!). I had already gotten a glimpse of your integrity through the comment you left last week about dealing with contractors who didn't honor their contract, but this really cemented it: you thought about your students first. You are a wonderful person. I wish you the best and if you're able to, keep us in the loop. Good luck to your husband with his job too. Are Uncle and husband able to take over the cooking and house duties for you? I hope so. (((HUGS))).

  3. Sandie, so sorry that you have had such a rough week. ((Sandie)). Any chance that these symptoms could be a result of any of the meds you are on for the Crohn's (I think that's what you have)? Autoimmune stuff is the worst. As far as my week, it's been pretty good. Had an interview at the local hospital, I feel it went well. The recruiter is to speak with the interviewing dept manager and then will get back to me. So I play the waiting game. I also await an email from volunteer services that IT finally has an account for me at the same hospital to work in medical records. An opportunity to gain additional experience and skills, and give back in the process. I got 5 free LED bulbs thru Eversource today, got 2 hot Italian subs (meatball parm for me, sausage and peppers with parm for DS) after taking him to an appointment, so quality time. : ) Be well!

  4. Thanks Carol. Though headaches are a side effect of my medication, and I did have horrible headaches the first month of starting it they dissipated. This pain is different. Mainly behind left eye. When I move my eyes around the pain increases. Hopefully we can get it sorted out. I am just happy MRI was normal. I read about your interview, fingers crossed!

  5. Natalie, your kind words embarrassed me. The kids always should come first. It has never been a question for me. I take scheduled time off, rarely unscheduled. Has to be a true ER. I try hard to be patient with other educators as I know not everyone sees things the way I do. I am still "wonky eyed" with a dull ache but doing ok. DH does do a lot of the cooking. If it isn't in a crockpot or veggie based he did it. I love the Uncle but he is very intense at times. Even with him helping with this new situation he stressed me out by barking at me to get the doctors to call him immediately. He forgets he is retired and that I am not his assistant. But it's all good. I am going to go read your post about your hike now


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