Monday, January 30, 2017

New Freebies

 Pinch me send me an offer to get a free six month subscription with that choice of several magazines. I chose entertainment as my husband used to get it and loved it. That's a weekly magazine. After he reads them I'll bring them to the studio.

Studio family who  knows my love of all things donkeys and you are who are also big Disney fans brought me and Eeyore pitcher that they were going to dispose of. The reason being that when they use it it looks like he's vomiting. I thought that was really funny, and gladly excepted the gift.

Free Breakfast thanks to a myshoprite kick out coupon I had in my purse.  I stopped here after my 2nd eye specialist appointment (doing better, no more headache or eye pain, still double vision) as I hadn't eaten breakfast yet and didn't want to overspend calories or $$.  Yes, that is a starbucks tray on the floor, thanks to students holiday gifts I didn't spend my own cash for this either. 

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  1. "it looks like he's vomiting". LOL!

    Great freebies, Sandie!


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