Sunday, January 8, 2017

Meals January 1-7

This is what I planned

January 1, leftovers from December 31st (hopefully there will be)
January 2 roasted turkey, stuffing, squash, mushrooms
January 3 leftovers make stock and freeze
January 4 baked ziti/stuffed shells homemade bread
January 5 leftover pasta
January 6 chili (beef or ground turkey) homemade cornbread
January 7 turkey soup

This is what you can see, that darned turkey didn't want to thaw out!

January 1, leftovers for Gpa P (we were out and had two meals, one cash, one giftcards)
January 2, takeout leftovers, New Years leftovers and Potpies from the freezer for the men
January 3, baked stuffed shells store bought crusty bread (DH picked up)  I shredded a block of Mozz, I made a quick sauce with canned tomatoes, I took 1/2 lb of ground beef out of the freezer and browned it.  Ricotta and Parmesan and spices all here.

January 4,  "Fake Baked Potato Soup" with PA cauliflower, last of Hormel real bacon bits, onion, butter, chicken stock.

January 5 Japanese takeout cash. $33

Friday January 6 FINALLY roasted turkey, mushrooms and mashed potatoes.

Saturday January 7th leftovers for lunch and I made one batch of soup with the carcass.  I froze another batch of stock from the neck.   Turkey, onion, celery, last of the cabbage that I didn't use I the stuffed cabbage soup. Last of the organic carrots from my share.

Snowstorm day.  I did teach, but a performance at a local church was postponed.    DH and I did go to local cafe for lunch.   $22.

I think I followed what I planned pretty closely.

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  1. That darn turkey! I have one in my freezer that we never did cook over the holidays and Greg keeps on asking me when we're cooking it. Well, I didn't put it on my menu for the upcoming week. I'm going to wait until I free up some more room in the freezer because when we cook it, I want to freeze a lot of the leftovers so we're not stuck having to eat turkey several meals in a row. Plus Greg wants to cook the turkey and when he cooks it... it's usually way drier than when I cook it, so I'm waiting until he forgets about it so I can cook it by myself, hahaha.


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