Saturday, January 21, 2017

Meal Plans 1-15-17 through 1-21-17

Sunday 1/15 chili leftovers or kitchen sink soup

Monday 1/16 Shrimp and Rice

Tuesday 1/17 Bone In Rib Roast, potatoes, brussels sprouts (last of PA haul)

Wednesday Meatballs and Pasta

Thursday leftovers

Friday Beef and Mushroom soup (made with Tuesday

Saturday leftovers

Here is what happened:

Sunday leftovers

Monday shrimp and Rice

Tuesday Rib roast, potatoes, brussell sprouts (I had more shrimp and rice)

Wednesday was takeout as I spent the day at 3 separate doctors and then lab

Thursday sauce and sausage with ziti

Friday leftovers (men went to a fundraising dinner)

Saturday (today) I am making potato leek soup (leeks from freezer, potatoes from 50 lb bag PA)

I froze the bones from the roast for another day.  It's been a rough week.


  1. Sorry you had a rought week, menu looks very nice. Hope that you are making progress, medically. Be well!

  2. Are you OK, Sandie? Were those scheduled doctor appointments or have you been sick? Potato Leek Soup sounds delicious. Leeks are my favorite vegetable.


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