Monday, January 30, 2017

Meal Plan January 29 - February 13 (living dangerously)

Needing to plan stringently is now out the window for the next two weeks. 
Yesterday (1/29), I made lasagna.  One small one for Gpa P with no meat (he ate half of it) and a larger typical sized one for the house with Meat.  Normally, these would be devoured and gone by Wednesday (if I was lucky)  I plan on freezing half of the meat lasagna. 
Since Gpa is now on his way to Florida with his best friend (who has property down there, so it was an airfare and spending money trip) it is a well anticipated yearly event for ALL OF US.
So, more than likely DH and I will live dangerously and plan meals by the seat of our pants. 
Since we don't have to over plan (meaning just in case Gpa overeats) we can actually save some money. 
So, I will keep you posted weekly on what we ate out of the pantry/freezer


  1. Enjoy the peace and quiet! Can't wait to hear about how much money you are going to save until Gpa P comes back! =)

  2. Woohoo, enjoy the break from the planning and, hopefully, the savings!


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